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So you won a summer internship – congratulations! Now that you’ve posted the mandatory post on Facebook / LinkedIn and changed that status to employee, you might be thinking about what you can do to create a lasting impression in one of your first great jobs.

And no, it’s not about what you’re going to wear on your first day of work. At least not completely…

As a job market, we at WayUp have seen specialization in all shapes and sizes. And after seeing so many talented minds crushing their summer internships and securing full-time jobs, we identified five key factors that contributed to their success.

Engage, but do not overwhelm

One common thinking you may have in your summer internship, especially if this is one of your first professional experiences, is to engage and converse with as many people as possible. And although this is true, to some extent, you need to do it carefully

If you are going to introduce yourself to someone or talk, make sure you do not do it out of impulse. Think about it and ask yourself if it’s really worth saying. The top management does not want someone around who is constantly asking questions or always donating his two cents. So make sure that what you are saying really carries weight.

Think – does what you have to say contribute to the task at hand? Are you presenting a new angle or perspective? At the end of the day, people will judge you more on the quality of your thoughts and not on the quantity.

2. Dress to impress

The following suggestion is really clear when it comes to summer internships, and yet it is ignored in so many ways. Depending on the company you specialize in, what you are likely to wear will change. So when you get started, do not be afraid to ask your recruiting manager what they expect you to wear and pay attention to what your peers wear to guide your wardrobe choices.

Another important rule to keep in mind is not to let your wardrobe loosen up just because you are remote or almost employed. It’s easy (and really nice) to go all day wearing PJs but investing that extra effort in your attire, even in less formal video calls, will make a lasting impression on the people you work with during your summer internship.

Along with a proper wardrobe, you should also strive to maintain proper hygiene. And these are just the simple things! Brush teeth, shower and wear deodorant. No one wants to work with someone who smells bad. In addition, it may make it difficult to order for the company’s happy hour.

3. Watch like a hawk

During your summer internship, you will learn an incredible amount of information in an incredibly short period of time. Because of this, you need to observe and digest every bit of information and stimuli you see.

Is there a particular way your manager likes to get products? Make it your bible. Did you notice that a certain employee gets a lot of praise? Learn what they do and duplicate it. Did you hear the assistant CEO say they only drink one type of super rare coffee from Peru? Go find some and secure your future job!

The faster you are able to absorb things in your summer internship and adapt to your new work environment, the more you will show your employer that you deserve a permanent job.

4. Volunteer for everything

It does not matter if it is picking up lunch, leading a new project or crushing a bug, if you volunteer for anything you not only become someone people can trust but also someone with experience, related to a bug or other.

Every time you take on a new task you get a chance to show someone that you can do something right. Naturally, responsibilities will increase and tasks will become more important as long as you perform them well. Eventually, these tasks may repeat themselves and increase your importance in society.

5. Submit authentic surveillance

Depending on the size of your internship class, your manager and the active employees in the company you worked with are likely to get tons of follow-ups from former interns who want a job. Then you will need to make sure that what you are saying really resonates with who you are saying it to.

Maybe you have a certain memory of them that you wanted to tell. Or something they taught you that you wanted to thank them for. Or maybe you just wanted to ask them for more advice. No matter what you do, make sure it does not sound like a copy and paste message.

It can be strategic to think about this while attending your summer internship as it can lead to more real and organic follow-up later on. So make sure you take the time to make meaningful connections with the people around you.

Rinse and repeat

Before you get this corner office, you need to get a full-time job, and before you get the full-time job, you will need to make a lasting impression during your summer internship. So if you want to make sure you succeed in passing trials, keep this list handy and read it before your first night of work.

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