How to Work at an Aquarium: The Basics Explained

Did you know that Almost 30 thousand people Across the United States working in zoos and aquariums?

Working with animals is a fun and satisfying career choice, and it allows you to explore many different areas.

Have you ever wondered how to work in an aquarium? If you love caring for fish, aquarium careers may interest you.

Here are some steps you can take to find a job in the aquarium of your dreams:

Get the right education

If you want to start working with animals, you need to get a bachelor’s degree that includes animals or biology.

Some of the most popular degrees for careers in the aquarium include:

You can start working in an aquarium from scratch in another sector, like customer service, but it is important that you complete your education to start working with animals.

Are you still in high school or middle school? You can always join clubs and go to certain courses to get a jump start in your education so you can start treating fish as soon as possible.

Diving certification

Diving certification is absolutely necessary if you want any type of aquarium work, especially something like Certified aquarium maintenance professional.

Some of your work with the aquarium may involve going on fieldwork missions to the oceans, so diving training is very important.

You may also need diving training to work on larger tanks inside the aquarium. An oxygen tank makes the cleaning and maintenance of the complexes much more efficient so that you do not have to go up in the air regularly.

Usually, you can complete your dive certification in a short period of time. Many diving schools offer night courses to suit different schedules as well.

Try an internship

specialization Is a great way to strengthen your resume and give you some professional experience for your future aquarium work. Ask your local aquarium or organization about internship opportunities.

Many internships do not pay off and will only help you get school credits. You may not earn an hourly wage, but you will certainly acquire skills that you can apply to jobs later.

Start working with animals

Finally, you should just start working with animals to gain experience in caring for fish. The more practical experience you have, the more likely you are to get a job in an aquarium.

Look around for various job boards and organizations for volunteer opportunities that you can attend.

How to work in an aquarium

If you want to learn how to work in an aquarium, never give up on your dreams. With this guide, you can start caring for fish and engage in the aquarium work you love.

Would you like to know more about how you can get involved in working with animals? Check out our site for more ideas and inspiration for your next career move.


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