In the Books: One Client’s Journey to a New Career

Idelia Andrade studied for a degree in liberal arts, but after graduating she felt free from the education industry and embarked on a new path in the field of hospitality. The change re-energized Idalia because she loves helping people and she has enjoyed the social aspect of the industry. While Idelia thrived on her new career path, she wanted to learn more and do more, so she asked her manager if there were other responsibilities where she could apply her talents. Was an available accounting clerk, and although Lydia had no training or official experience, she had many other skills. Idalia flourished as an accountant for two years.

Idelia enlisted the help of the National Able Network (Able) to make her next career central. In one of her first meetings with the team, Idelia had an enlightening experience when asked to think about her values ​​and how important it is that your work and career align. Idelia was matched to her career coach, Lewis, who helped Idelia use the experience she had in her previous role as a springboard for her new career in accounting. Idela enrolled in the Accountant Training Program at America Business College Fullerton. During her training, she gained a number of certifications, including: Intuit QuickBooks certification, a certified Microsoft Office specialist, a certified Microsoft Excel specialist and a certified accountant.

Idelia found and applied for an open-ended job as an paying accountant at the Chicago Lyric Opera. In her first interview, the issue of pay came up, and Idelia felt ready to respond because of the support of her career coach and Able’s JUMPSTART job readiness courses. The salary offered was lower than her expectations, and she remembered her first days with Abel, and told of the advice to know its value and values. Idalia refused the job at this salary rate. A few weeks later, she was surprised to hear about the role, and this time she was offered the role for a better salary!

And although Idelia has changed the course of her career, she is happy to receive the best of both worlds: a career she loves in accounting within an organization focused on the passion for the liberal arts. When recounting her experience at Able, Idelia says: “I wanted to thank you so much for everything you did to support me and challenge me. Your support really made a big difference.” Congratulations Idalia!


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