Interested in exploring Business, Finance, Sales, and Marketing? Resources & Organizations for Getting Involved!

Continuing a career in business, finance, sales and marketing can present a wide range of different career options, organizations and professional development. Organizations large and small are often looking for students interested in these areas to help them reach their business goals and provide aspiring professionals the opportunity to experience organization in action. Accounting, financial analysis, risk management, marketing, operations, human resources, procurement and sales are just a sample of the variety of specialization and job options offered to students interested in exploring this career community. There are many organizations that offer opportunities for professional development and enable relationships between young professionals and people who are willing to share their experiences in business, finance, sales and marketing. There are also career resources that students can use to learn more about their field of interest, specialize in research and job opportunities, and engage in experiential learning. The American Marketing Association’s Center for Experiential Learning ‘and the Career Development Center are two organizations / resources that can help you as you research this career community!

American Marketing Association Is an example of a professional organization that offers many career planning and many professional opportunities to students interested in marketing. The national organization offers virtual training programs, online seminars and conferences for marketers to learn more about topics such as social media strategy, digital marketing, higher education marketing, building brand engagement, and diversity, equality and inclusion. Their site also includes marketing articles, blogs and certification programs. There are fees associated with some of these programs, although students are usually given a discounted rate if they choose to become members. There is also a chapter in Connecticut of the American Marketing Association. It offers access to national organization publications along with local networking events and newsletters to contact CT marketing professionals. The CT chapter also includes a mentoring program, a friends guide and a job board with built-in career research tools. Many branches of local or state professional organizations like to have students involved in their events and connect with local business leaders.

The Career Development Center’s “Engage in Experiential Learning” guide is another great resource for students to learn more about unique opportunities as part of their major. There are several sections in the guide that link to various career resources related to experiential learning. There are two sections related to specialization and collaborations with links to information on starting a job search, getting credit and finding scholarships. There are additional pages for research and scholarships and community outreach and volunteering, both of which can be unique experiential learning experiences for students interested in business, finance, sales and marketing. For example, the “Research and Scholarships” section links to information on how to create your own research opportunity or participate in established scholarship programs, such as the UConn TIP Technology Innovation Fellows Program. Additional resources in the guide include information on conducting information interviews or job shadowing, getting involved in campus activities and finding opportunities for internships, research and international companies. Students exploring the business career community, finance, sales and marketing may be interested in exploring business opportunities listed on an experiential global learning site, such as Summer Business in London, Business-Spanish Program at CEU Madrid, or virtual internship experiences. The “Engage in Experiential Learning” guide is a great resource for students from all majors to learn about the variety of unique ways in which they can accumulate valuable career experiences.

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