Is Applying for Multiple Jobs at the Same Company Bad?

If you are considering applying for multiple jobs at the same company, there are a few things you should know first.

As a former recruit, I’m going to share:

  • When it’s okay (and wrong) to apply for multiple jobs in the same company
  • Potential advantages and disadvantages of applying for several jobs in one office
  • Mistakes to avoid if you are applying for several positions in the company

Applying for several jobs in the same company: good or bad?

It is not necessarily bad to apply for several positions in the same company.

Good employers want to hire great people and hire them for the most suitable job. And if you saw two vacancies that seemed relevant, both in the same company, then you’re likely to apply.

Sometimes, even if you are only applying for one position in the company, you will talk to a recruitment manager or recruiter and they will say, “You know what, I think there is another position that is more appropriate.”

So it is not necessarily bad to consider several positions in one company in your job search in general, and some employers will even encourage you to do so.

However, there is a right and wrong way to apply for multiple jobs in the organization, and some major mistakes that you should avoid if you want to be hired …

How to apply for multiple jobs in one company

While it is okay to apply for more than one job in a company, you need to be sensible about the total number of jobs you are applying for.

At most, apply for two or three jobs at the company.

Carefully review each job description and apply only to jobs that truly fit your skills and career goals.

Also, if you are already far away in the job interview process, and then you see more relevant vacancies, consider talking to the recruiting manager and asking which position he feels is more appropriate.

You can say:

By the way, I also saw a role <תפקיד>. Do you have any thoughts on the differences between this role and the one we talked about, and which one might be more appropriate?

You do not want a recruitment manager to feel like you have gone behind his back for multiple applications, so always discuss it openly if you have already interviewed for one job.

However, if you have not yet been interviewed for any job at the company, you can continue to apply for more than one position.

In the first interview you get (probably with a recruiter or human resources person), the interviewer may raise the number of requests for your job, or you may mention it to them casually.

How to explain why you are applying for several vacancies in one company:

I applied for two different positions because both seemed relevant, and your company is one of the companies I hear that has been frequently recommended in the industry. So I was eager to discuss one or both roles to determine which is more appropriate.

Also, never send the exact same request, cover letter, etc. for multiple job postings.

If you plan to submit multiple applications to one company, make each application unique.

Recruitment managers may compare comments, and they will not be impressed if you send the same documents with multiple job applications (especially a cover letter, which should always be customized for the personal position).

From there, the company’s recruitment team and the recruitment managers for the positions you hold should be able to help you decide whether to take on one position or several positions.

So the key to success when applying for multiple jobs is to have clear communication, be open and advance and work With The company determine which position is best suited.

Applying for several jobs in a company does not always help

While it is okay to apply for more than one position in a company, you should only do so if any job description is relevant.

Applying for other positions in a single company will not necessarily increase your chances of getting a job if the positions are not suitable.

In this case, it is best for you to apply for one job – the job for which you meet most or all of the job requirements – and then follow up if you do not hear from the employer about registering for the job.

If a company is your dream company, you can express it in one job application … through a great cover letter, a well-tailored resume and good follow-ups if you do not listen.

This will help you get a much better dream job than applying for one or two other positions in the company just because they have a few vacancies.

Employers are always looking for job applicants who have the skills and experience to get into their job and succeed, so it is unlikely that they will hire job seekers who do not bring relevant experience.

Request information interviews to learn more about each position

One way to explore multiple opportunities in one company is to ask Information interviews.

Find the recruiting manager or someone on the team, perhaps through LinkedIn, and ask if they would be willing to make a quick zoom call or get coffee and share details about the opportunity.

You can explain that you are looking for more than one job in the company and hoped to get clarity on the best way to continue your job search.

Also, check out your existing professional network to see if you have any connections to the company of interest.

LinkedIn is a good tool for this too, because you can upload a profile of a recruiting manager or recruiter and then see if you have reciprocal connections with the same person.

If so, ask your mutual acquaintance for an introduction.

This is almost always the fastest way to pay attention to a recruiting manager or human resources department.

When you come up with a recommendation for a company, there is a higher chance that they will interview you quickly.

In general, here’s how to contact someone on LinkedIn about a job.

A decision between two positions in the same company

If you find yourself among the lucky job seekers since getting interviews for a number of jobs, you may have to make a difficult decision.

Both the company and the job seeker should have the same goal here: determine which job is most suitable.

However, this does not mean that it is always a clear and easy decision.

So to make a final decision, job seekers should consider payroll, job description and even individual recruitment managers (assuming the jobs are reported to two different bosses).

For whom you work is often as important as the work you do. A big boss will help you succeed and grow; A bad boss can hold you back and hurt your self-confidence.

So if you are applying for more than one position and these positions are not with the same recruitment manager, invest thought in how well you fit in with the manager as well as with the specific position you want.

Conclusion: How to apply for more than one position in the same company

If you see more than one relevant position in the same company and you believe you are a worthy candidate for all the positions, it is okay to apply for more than one position.

Always limit yourself to two or three jobs in a particular company, if you decide to apply for several jobs.

Also, when considering applying for multiple jobs, do so only if you have not started interviewing for any specific position in the organization.

If you are already talking to one recruitment manager in your job search and you identify another relevant role in his company, your best option is to ask him about it.

And you will understand that many candidates are hired by applying for only one position in each company, by choosing the most relevant position.

So review the job descriptions carefully, and it is critically important if all the roles really fit.

If one role is clearly best suited to your skills and level, do not feel pressured to apply for more than one opportunity.

Instead, focus on sending the best job application and cover letter to the job you most want.

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