Is the “safe” path serving you? — Rachel B. Garrett

I notice a trend among women in my track – The “safe” path no longer cuts it.

After years, sometimes decades, of confident play in their careers, I witness my coaching clients taking risks – from an army crawling their way in ranks in unforgivable societies to bravely jumping into the unknown of a career transition – these women are forces to be reckoned with.

The plague has given us all a renewed sense of urgency, because nothing is guaranteed – even the “safe” way can slip under us, so why not be bold?

Is it time to find clarity In your terms, your priorities and freedom From the shame that comes from feeling stuck or lost in your career?

Are you looking for Alignment Between your gifts and the impact you want to have on the world?

What I do know is …

Our career can contain a deep invitation to richer fulfillment – Where we can grow and expand into our truest versions, where we feel accomplishments and satisfactions from our contributions, recognized for our gifts, where we get to play, experiment and shine.

Whether you’re getting that push for something new, you’re already exploring something new, or you’m deep in the nuts and bolts of a job that is not yet successful, our work together can guide you through the change in front of you.

For a limited time, I’m opening my diary for Individual training sessions – Usually only available to previous clients, this 60 minute one-time virtual session is for you to get a quick hit of personal support and motivation to find the confidence to focus on what matters to you.

You can order yours A single training session here.

Turn today and let’s take the next step together on your way.


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