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Published: May 5, 2021 by Gillian Collins

The first part of my conversation with ISchool Instructor Scott Brown Focus on how your skills inventory affects others. Personal Brand Assessment (PBA), on the other hand, is how others have been impressed by your impact on them. With that comes self-confidence and another definition of networking.

You should reach out

What is the first stage of the PBA? Ask for feedback from people who know you. Scott noted “the biggest obstacle for people is this awkwardness.” Because you’re asking people to tell you how you encounter them, it can feel like a social step to us. However, a small leap gives great insight.

After submitting, Scott saw that the feedback you receive is also related to the direct purpose of your PBA: “What surprises people, along with the feedback they actually receive, is
[the people who are giving feedback] So able to give this feedback … “which proves you are visible.

“And it’s right there,” Scott said, adding, “for most people who ask for feedback, that feedback [that others] To give, not hard to give. “Or, in simple words: not only do you get the feedback from the PBA, but you have already met its goal: people – that you take the step to reach – wants to Respond, and already there is The best of you in mind.

Rethinking Networks

Information is our thing. It’s really hard to get away from it, and that’s what information professionals, MLIS students, and anyone reading this part of the vast InfoVerse do. And because we communicate casually and share knowledge every day, every interaction you have is an opportunity to learn. While I was talking to Scott, the idea of ​​networking came up (in the professional sense). It does not go to conferences anymore (obviously). But while I was interviewing Scott, he mentioned an approach to networking that felt both simple and natural.

What was this attitude? Calls. “Just the ability … to talk about the profession,” Scott noted, is the kind of activity we as information professionals do naturally, “… or [talking about] What you do and hear what someone else does – it’s all of tremendous value. “This approach is natural, and something you can already do. Along with another insight that Scott mentioned about mentoring, you can learn, but also teach.

The most important: are you Connect to opportunities.

Speaking of InfoVerse Networking …

Scott gave me permission to share His LinkedIn profile! It was so great to be able to talk to him about these posts, and it really shows how the information comes from insight; Insight is the way you reach someone. The insight grows from their reaction. It all shapes experiences. Within your career, you will use these skills and sharpen them
way Experiences.

Information, right now, is a growing field. I would say yes
God Field – Information has opportunities to fill in and find, as well now Is it time! As information professionals, in training and whether established, we are always exploring new ideas. Always pursuing something, personally or professionally. If there is something that interests us, we research it. This passion exists, and we are open to learning more. It is important to listen to others, to step back and also see their points of view. This is how we learn. The activity of information observation and finding their point of view helps to give us some perspective as well. You never know what you will learn, who you will connect with, who will connect with you, and how these little moments are part of the timeline of now, for your dream career.

Or, as Scott said, “a Cultivates your curiosity.

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  • Conducts senior research and special projects.
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Seattle, Washington). Full time. Apply through
    Foundation Gates
  • Prepares the library, the empty Margaret Library. Academy of Fine Arts and Sciences (Beverly Hills, California). Part time. Apply through
    Academy of Fine Arts and Sciences

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