Job Change Success 101: The Essential Guide

Are you in the right job or in the wrong job? This is not the time to be on the fence. It’s time to move on to work that’s really meant to be done – whether it’s an extension of where you are now or a change of industry or job. Not sure where you stand?

I have been coaching people during a career transition for almost 20 years and have gone through many of my career changes from CPA to Management Consultant to Corporate Coach, Radio Moderator and Career Coach. I have experienced and seen the signs of those in the wrong jobs and those in the right jobs.

If you’re at the wrong job, do not worry. A career change is possible for you and simply in case my guest is a successful career changer. And I’m talking about a big change in my career – from finance to caregiver and now to her own boss! Listen to hear Jan Nelson’s advice and the steps she has taken to make her career a reality.

This month’s career tip will also cover 3 important steps to a successful career change. You’re not at the whim of the world. You have an important, necessary and valuable contribution to make to contribute with your talents. Listen and learn if a career change is for you and if so, how to make the successful career change you are looking for.

Resources in this chapter:

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