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Whether you want to emulate or avoid strategies in these job and career search stories, you should follow developments and watch them as they occur. I have written about some recently, and others I watch from various sources. There are no promises of how I will keep up with these angles, but they are exciting, and you should know about them.


If you are unfamiliar with the term “fishing” or “fishing”, it is “catfish” but with jobs. The scammers will introduce well-known brands to lure victims from work and ask them for money or give them private data. Many victims left legitimate jobs to include these companies, which seemed seemingly real, to see scams coming and stop chasing them right away.

Viral Tic-tuk video Show how a job seeker contacted a well-known name company, but this was not the actual company. The site, run by scammers, tried to give legitimacy to the company by uploading a LinkedIn page with employee images (non-existing employees). The victim in the video initially saw signs that the fake company was not real, but only after receiving an invoice for work computers did the scammers promise to return it.
I have learned over the years that when the job market is flooded with confusion and uncertainty, it takes advantage of opportunities to deceive vulnerable people. Last month, I wrote an article for To try About scammers who use advertisements that impersonate real companies to lead them to fake jobs and how to avoid them. I expect scams to turn upwards to play on the uncertainty of Rising fuel prices, Freezing employeesAnd widely applied Freeze wages. Just as easy as creating scams today is also excluding false companies.

I have advocated for years researching companies in depth, asking questions and about the company and its employees, and if in doubt, stay away. Fraudsters impersonating employers have one goal in getting your money or private data.


I talked with Alex Levitt Three years ago about how artificial intelligence (AI) would affect business. In our discussion, we discussed how contractor workers will continue to move forward Multiple full-time jobs. “Yes, many will find it difficult to balance new business development with existing work and other obligations,” she said. There are YouTube videos with people sharing how they managed to get two or more full-time jobs at the same time.

To be clear, we are not talking about two jobs to survive. Overemployed workers are technology workers or six-digit workers (many are technology) earning more than $ 250,000 f a year.

If you check #Ebemployment Today, there are less than 100 videos that exclusively share how they ran it. I love one of them because he is transparent about his experience, thought process and lifestyle while at work Two technological development jobs. Although he managed to manage the two jobs (each at a salary of 100K +), he told us that one of his employers caught him but did not make a big deal out of it.

Three things I learned about them during employment after watching some videos:

  1. Make sure you do not mix computer and software usage between companies.

  2. My suggestion (not mentioned in the video) is to get two IP addresses dedicated to each company. It will probably be a little expensive. This will make the uploads a little easier.

  3. Some companies have a “Moonlight” section. More companies will be more aware in the future. Make sure you understand each company’s policies before operating it.

Want to know more about the “overemployment” movement? go Here.

Normalize boomerang workers

I recently wrote an article about Boomerang workers And their successful move back to the employers they left. While many retired during the “Great Resignation” peak last year, some companies have re-hired them. Most companies move on from those who have left in the past, especially when it is difficult.

It is also a reminder to employees that they will have options when they leave companies, and the best way to stay employed is to leave former employers close as another option for your job search. Please read the article. Let me know if these trends are identified and resonate with you.

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