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Pantone has just released the color of the year: Very Peri for 2022. It is a lovely purple-blue color. I have identified similar shades everywhere in the last few months and even started using a similar shade on my site for a pop of color a few months ago. In addition to a more vibrant color palette for 2022, when it comes to design, I think we are expecting some trends of disrespect and fun.

Here are my predictions for the design world in 2022.

Hello color

The last few years have been dominated by pale and earthy neutral pink. I personally like color, so I’m happy to see the change. I see a color palette from 2022 is a combination of light colors combined with slightly muted colors. Lighter colors, perhaps in gradual use, (which appear to remain in the foreseeable future) will be covered in patterns or cuts and layered images.

Abundant scribbles

Hand-drawn doodles and scribbles, or even simple shapes like dots or triangles, can evoke memories of childhood and painting. Used in the background or as the main illustration, something drawn by hand or by hand adds a welcome human element to the mix.

Custom typography

Complex, bold and custom fonts will all be displayed in full view. We crave an expressive and unique kind that stands on its own as its own design. In addition, movement and interactivity in a genre like scrolling, animation or morphing can add volumes of personality, but more on that later.

The atmosphere of the 70s

Photo by Erel Tcher in Unsplash

Photo by Erel Tishar On Unsplash

Oh, the 70s. Given the current climate of the world then and today, there are many parallels. Both were periods of political and social movements, economic uncertainty, upheavals and changes, with a tendency towards positivity and acceptance. A modern conception of the same atmosphere seems only natural. A perfect example of this modern innovation is Velveeta’s new look. This style will feature curvy and colorful figures in a flat style reminiscent of the 70s but only a little more modern.

To be better

Think of the bride and ADA compliance (so everyone has access) as a must. Design driven by core values ​​while focusing on inclusion, sustainability and of course environmental responsibility. Talk big but do not take action or greenwash just will not cut it to 2022.

Brand equipment

Everyone and I mean everyone does it. In a step straight from the 2006 film Idiocracy, Brands make streetwear and people love it. Everyone from Coca-Cola (in collaboration with KITH) to Popeyez or Oscar Meyer now has a streetwear line. Some brands even branch out into other areas like pajamas or swimwear – I look at you, taco bell and la is called.

A collage of another world

Eat a donut on the moon in high heels or Walking on an orange peel. None of these thoughts make sense until you see them. Reminiscent of the fucks that weird kids like me spent hours preparing and then filming on Kinkos, this collage style is an upgraded but still somehow fi version. A fusion of realism and flat art, more polished than their predecessors, these collages are full of retro images that are both weird and whimsical.

A world in motion

Traffic is the key and it will move forward. More than ever, everything competes with video, which naturally can transmit more personality with less effort than static graphics. So, to complete, static graphics will have to shock it, literally. Motion graphics of all kinds will appear – so start making gifs, typing and animated logos tremble, bounce, magnify or move.

This list has some of the possible trends for 2022. I think they work well together, and I look forward to what this year will bring. What about you? What are your trend forecasts for 2022?

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