Job Search Trends of 2022 with Robin Ryan, Hannah Morgan, and Jack Kelly

Every year, I gather career experts who offer their opinions for next year in job search. Jack Kelly, Robin Ryan, Hannah Morgan and I dive deep into trends that may change your approach to your efforts. This program will offer predictions, but more importantly, practical actions that you can use.

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More about today’s guests:

Hannah Morgan is the founder of And likes to help people understand what actions they need to take to find a job faster. She also contributes to global news and reports in the U.S. and is a nationally recognized expert.

Robin Ryan She is a best-selling author in the Wall Street Journal and has contributed her expertise to the media more than 3,000 times. She contributes to Forbes’ current career in addition to leading online seminars and helping clients.

Jack Kelly is a compliance recruiter, entrepreneur, CEO of, And contributes a senior Forbes career. He talks a lot about the future of the job, especially about looking for a job. Jack and I host together #JobSeekerNation, Our live broadcast program.

Show highlights:

  • Companies declare that they no longer want a resume. Jack made it clear that one company wanted to get rid of resumes just to write them their way.
  • Some companies have eliminated some of their criteria for hiring faster for the holiday rush.
  • Robin’s point: Although controlling how to encounter video is essential, many people, including C-Suite candidates, are horrible at it.
  • Hannah’s point: The recruiters are super overwhelmed. The recruitment process will not be faster but slower. And if they have a lot of jobs to fill, they need to reinvent, make the process different.
  • Jack’s point: For job seekers and people who work, they’re going to be attracted to those who I think most want to be respected, valued and appreciated. And so they go in that direction.
  • Companies can no longer separate their management style from prioritizing contact with employees.
  • Listening is the operative word, and it’s the only thing companies need to do and respond to. Do not be passive in these things, because you are just trying to reconcile, to make people open up. You think it’s going to be the magic wand, and it does not work that way.

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