Job Searching From The Top Down With Luke Whitburn

This week, Luke Whitburn offers his strategy not only to talk to foremen without first submitting a resume, but also how he builds those relationships to get job offers. Yes, it’s networking from top to bottom. You start with leaders and refer to the right person. This will be useful for those who are tired of constantly pressing the “Apply” button. This advice is for the bold and confident.

You will also hear part of a conversation I had with Damien Birkel and Sonal Bahel on the live broadcast program, “The Modern Job Search List.”

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More about Luke:

Luke Whitburn has been a leader and manager in a number of manpower organizations for the past 20 years. He and I talk a few times a year and often bounce ideas off of me. I have asked him to come to the podcast several times in the last six years because of his unique perspective on job search. If you are tired of the “grinding” of the online application process, you will find a lot of value in our conversation.

Emphasis in conversation:

  • Luke’s approach, as he explains, is a little more aggressive, but it achieves results
  • You can not take personal rejection
  • He has worked and trained people to use this approach – but it works
  • “I think at the end of the day she goes on to emphasize that it’s about overcoming and an attitude that she’s proactively leaning forward.
  • “It’s this time to share with them your story and why you love their company and what you’re passionate about, how it fits in with your back. Or aligning with an axis you do, so that’s my encouragement to everyone.”
  • Research or “due diligence” is critical.
  • Luke shares one last story about being hired for his latest job

I will post a transcript of our conversation on Thursday. Join us in two weeks for an expanded version of the program.

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