Job Seekers Remain Optimistic, Despite Fewer Openings and All-Time High COVID Cases in U.S.

New York (January 10, 2022) – Today, TopResume, the world’s largest resume writing service, announced the results of its Job Seekers Index for December 2021, marking the last month of data collection for the year since the company launched its first index last April.

The US Sentiment Jobseeker’s TopResume Index, which tracks job seekers’ feelings about labor market conditions and general job security, recorded a slight decline in December, reaching 100 compared to November 103 – an overall decline of 2.91%. Similarly, the conditions index The current (120) and expectations index (87) both fell in December by 2.44% and 3.33%, respectively.

“While December’s numbers were lower than those of November, sentiment remained positive, as reflected in the overall job seekers’ index as well as current conditions,” said Amanda Augustine, a TopResume career expert. “This sustained optimism is a bit unexpected, especially when you think about it Wage numbers rose only by 199,000 When the expected growth in employment was more than double that – and yes Corona cases in the US have skyrocketed Ahead of the holiday season. “

Of note: Similar to the August and October 2021 results, those who identified as “job seekers” were more optimistic about market conditions than their employed counterparts compared to the April indices, with scores of 100 and 98, respectively. Employed job seekers have been making yo-yos back and forth between scores of 98 and 102 since mid-summer.

New immigrants to the labor force – with five years or less of experience – continue to be the most optimistic age group compared to the April indices, although their overall index score fell by 5.61% to 101 compared to November 107.

About the TopResume Job Seekers Index

Sentin’s TopResume index of job seekers in the U.S. was conducted online within the United States. Since its first calculation and comparison in April 2021, the survey collected data from 14,593 adults identified as active job seekers in the United States. Their opinion on current conditions and future expectations in the labor market and workplace, and the findings are at a confidence level of 99% with a margin of error +/- 3%.

The US Job Seeker’s TopResume Index was inspired by the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index (UMCSENT) and thinks using the same methodology. Scores of 100 or higher indicate an increase in positive sentiment compared to the April 2021 indices, while sentiments of 99 and below indicate an increase in negative sentiment compared to indices.

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