Korbel MA Students: Good News for International Studies Master’s Candidates – Career & Professional Development

Graduates in international studies, and especially international security studies, are becoming more desirable in the professional field. September 2020, The National Student Clearing House has presented a study Which showed that master’s degree programs increased by 6% in 2019 in all disciplines, even while enrollment for undergraduate degrees dropped dramatically. Graduates are becoming a more normal part of the education experience, but they are still expensive and time-consuming investment.

Further research The difference in earning potential by field showed that there was a 44% increase for those who completed a master’s degree in international affairs and not just a bachelor’s degree in the field. The 7th in its general height in all fields of study. The financial investment of the students in their master’s degree is going to pay off. Graduates earn almost twice as much a week compared to those who do not.

Corbel students should be excited about this growth in the field. The professional environment is an understanding of the important skills that students learn while pursuing programs that focus on international studies.

Information Collected Using “The master’s degrees that give the largest increase in salary – up to 87% more money.”

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