Most Common Question Asked During A College Interview

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College interviews are the first vital interview a person faces in his life. These interviews give deserving students the opportunity to make a good impression with the interviewers in the college, which may further assist in the admissions process. In this blog you will get the most frequently asked questions and answers in a college interview.

Question 1: Talk about yourself.

This is not exactly a question, but something that is often asked by almost every interviewer, whether it is a college or a job. You may be confused as to where to start.


To answer this, you need to create a unique image of yourself that sets you apart from others. Do not respond to clichés or descriptions that may be normal. For example: Do not say you are determined; Explain why you are and why it is essential. Talk about your inspirations, passions, hobbies, what others liked about you, but were always specific.

This question is asked by interviewers who want to know more about you that is not in your resume. They want to know something special about you. This is one of the goals of an interview.

Question 2: Why do you choose this specific college?


Discuss this question by talking about the college’s cultural values, its academic programs, or extracurricular activities that motivated you to this college. Do not discuss their rating and prestige; Do not say it is close to your home. Thoroughly research your college so that you do not miss any useful information about the college before the interview.

College authorities ask you this question because they want to see how real you are to college. They want to know if you are serious about them and have interests in studying in college.

Question 3: Why do you want to study in the major (subject name)?


Discuss why the topic inspires you and why you are devoted to the topic but be specific. Talk about what motivated you to engage with this topic, why it is fascinating and how you will reach your future goals through this topic. Do not say that you want to specialize in this subject to make a lot of money or that you will have job security because they may not sound real to the interviewers.

They ask this question because they want to know about your academic goals and how true you are to the subject.

Question 4: What are your main academic strengths?


To answer this question, think deeply about your academic strengths. Find out how you use them today and how you will apply them in the future. Do not make the answer too low. Discuss how you identify your strengths and how you have made a fortune on your strengths. For example, if you are good at science, explain how you used science to excel in your school.

They ask this question to get to know you as a student. College authorities are interested in knowing your point of view regarding where you shine academically.

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Question 5: What are your academic weaknesses, and how did you address them?


To answer this question, you need to be well aware of your weaknesses. It is not pleasant to say that you have no shortage. This may sound arrogant and also credible. Confess your weaknesses and try to uncover strategies you have adopted to bridge your academic gaps. You can also recite a story about how you have succeeded in a particular subject in the past.

By asking this question, the authorities want to see how dedicated you are and how you overcome challenges. They want to be safe if you persevere and work hard.

Question 6: Why do you want to study in college?


In response, explain to them how the college will allow you to achieve your goals, track your passion and help you develop. Do not say you want to go to college because your parents want you to. They will not like this kind of answer. Discuss which college activities will help you grow the field you are passionate about. But remember to be specific.

Through this question, college authorities are trying to identify what motivated you to pursue higher education.

Question 7: Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years?


Colleges want to absorb students who are motivated to thrive in the future. The most common answer is that you expect to have a glorious career but avoid saying that answer. You have to be unique from others for the authorities to choose you. Draw in your head a picture of your life in ten years. Make sure it has to be unique from others. Try talking about your plans with your profession or family or what activities you want to do in the future.

Interviewers ask this question to understand if the student is very clear about his or her career or biased in many aspects. They want students who are direct about their careers and the mind does not change.

Question 8: What sets you apart?


Answer this question by discussing the exceptional talents you have. Tell them your stories about how you applied these qualities in your life to get better. Find out if you have any common interests or habits.

The authorities are asking this question because they want to know more about you and also identify if your talents can bring the college to a better place.

How to prepare well for a college interview:

Regarding the above questions, I suggest you take a few brief notes so that you do not forget essential points in the interview. Do not write the full answer and memorize it. Your answer should not be a learning language; it should look like a conversation. Ask any of your family or friends to help Go practice these questions, make sure all your answers are specific and detailed.

How to answer questions you were not prepared for:

Clearly the above questions are not the only question you would be asked. No matter how good your preparation was, you will be asked at least one unforeseen question.

First, do not get upset and do not look down. Just try to give a real, simple and detailed answer. Since you are well prepared for the interview, you do not have to worry much about unexpected questions.

Second, you may gather some details from the other questions asked. What’s more, to feel more comfortable with the interview environment, you can create a similar environment with the help of your friends and family.

Some common tips for a college interview:

  • Practice the important questions beforehand.
  • Choose your outfit carefully according to the dress code (if any).
  • He was always confident and enthusiastic.
  • Research the college and list its features.
  • Show a clear picture of yourself.
  • Before you say anything, listen carefully.
  • Prepare some questions that will ask the interviewer.
  • Stop worrying about time.
  • Always maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Try to be calm and do not look arrogant.
  • You will always be grateful.

The Bottom Line:

Practicing the answers to these questions above will not only make you unique from others but will also give the interviewer the reason to put your file in the selected stack. Well done for your interview.


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