New Year, New Prices! Your Business Deserves a Price Increase (Video)

Too often, entrepreneurs and small businesses just go along with their pricing structure. But with a new year it’s the perfect time to evaluate your services for a price increase.

Costs go up everywhere but if your prices stay the same in the new year, it’s time to think (and act) on raising your prices!

I am so excited to help you start the new year successfully with the resources that will help you achieve price increases and earn it. Below you will find:

  • 5 minute tip video.
  • Price reassessment check sheet.
  • Video transcript.
  • Additional supporting resources.

Watch the video tip on launching a price increase

Take the bonus check sheet

The big checklist for re-evaluating pricing

(Download it as a test page below).

Is it time to raise prices? Yes!

Just as you re-evaluate products and services every year, so you need to evaluate your prices.

You should start or end the year by looking at everything, but most importantly, your pricing.

Go through the following list of questions to determine if it’s time to raise your prices. (If there is no reason other than inflation, it is time to raise prices every year, and perhaps throughout the year).

Check the following price increase indicators to know it’s time to raise your prices:

  • My a la carte prices no longer make me squirm and people choose them without hesitation.
  • I hear yes about 80% or more of the time on the packages I present.
  • I have invested in training, advanced education or courses.
  • I have invested in professional companies and used them.
  • I have invested in training and consulting for my business and / or services.
  • My overhead costs have increased due to inflation.
  • Being up to date required me to purchase new software or a new subscription that adds costs.
  • I received a new certification or certifications.
  • I won an award or recognition.
  • I have published in significant publicity, written a book or written a column.
  • I have a waiting list of clients, a very long treatment time or I have stopped taking new clients for a period of a year to catch up.
  • I work around the clock and this pace is not sustainable.
  • I close most of my sales but I still do not achieve the money goals I set.
  • Clients have told me that my prices are lower than other professionals they have approached.

Just one item on this list justifies a price increase on your part.

If you use my consulting model, you should be able to make that change easily. When and if you encounter any resistance, remember to look at your consulting strategy before you worry that the price is too high. This is rarely your pricing and it has usually been easier for people to say yes at lower rates.

you can do it.

Download a copy of the price increase check page >>

Check out this issue courtesy of CDI Business Roadmap Course.

Read the transcript on the launch of price increases

This is a new year. So, I want to talk to you briefly about how important it is to evaluate your prices and see if it’s time to take them to the next level.

As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to get caught up in “this price works, so why should I change it?”

But while you do that, the market goes on, people charge more. You have invested more in yourself, in your business. The costs are higher. The cost of living is higher.

There are reasons why your prices should go up.

If you feel you need justification for these reasons, you might want to take a look around at your very successful colleagues who list prices on their sites. You are going to see at least in the resume writing and career services industry, you will see hourly rates ranging from $ 30 per hour to $ 500 per hour. I’m sure there are probably even some who charge more than that.

But the point is that there is room for everyone to grow and feel comfortable.

You can also look at what you have done in the last year. Have you received new approvals? Have you received any continuing education?

It could be what you read, online seminars, phone lessons, courses, certifications you have gained.

Have you published in books or magazines or social media platforms? Third-party expert resources.

Did you win any prizes?

Have you introduced yourself to leadership roles, volunteer roles, committee roles, anything that will help justify the fact that you have grown and contributed as an individual, and this has added to the complexity and value of your services.

So I definitely recommend you take a look at this and see where you can take the opportunity to raise your prices.

And don’t worry, no one is saying you have to make a huge leap and raise your prices by hundreds or thousands of dollars.

There are two ways to do this:

You can do small jumps at a time, so it’s more like a small step. You may raise your prices by $ 5 a month, and always tell people who need to think about it that your price is guaranteed for 30 days or 3 weeks or any time frame that you feel comfortable with.

But you want to get this room as a freelancer so you can raise your prices. Then lift them up; It’s OK. The baby step method works.

It will get you there. It will only get you there more slowly.

When you finally reach a thriving living wage or more for your business, that again, remember we are superheroes in your career.

We deserve to make money on the big leaps to success we help our customers achieve, but whether you get there with small steps and when you do end up going, “Oh, I could have done it a lot faster.” That’s fine, as long as you get there.

Then it’s clear that the other side is just taking the leap and saying, “Yeah, I’m worth it! I’m going to move this new price. And everything’s going to be good.

Now a warning, there is a process. We call this “edufearacating” within Career Directors International. It works really well to help job seekers move from the do-it-yourself mentality. And that’s this must be a low-cost typing job ‘Oh, it’s an easy four-digit investment. Please take my money. “

So, keep in mind when you raise your prices, it can feel a little scary at times. You must make sure you have a solid consulting process and we have some great videos on it. So be sure to check them out.

I look forward to seeing you in this new year raising prices and really shocking.

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