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Published: January 25, 2021 by Gillian Collins

Finally – a new year! Instead of inventing the usual decisions for the new year, what do you think instead of bringing the year in a positive direction by pondering a profound career? Rather, why not launch this year by taking the time to re-examine the career desires you have identified in your career evaluation to identify what has changed. Or, if you have not yet had the opportunity to explore this precious resource, maybe it’s time to jump in.

Year in review

When you look at your career options, you want to make sure you’re going to do something you love. That is why the tool for self-esteem (and the process of self-reflection) is so important. In conclusion, self-career assessment includes three areas that you can assess: functions, people, and environment. for example:

  • Functions: What skills do you want as a primary job – problem solving, writing, etc.
  • People: For whom you see yourself working, and whether you work best yourself, with others, or a combination of both.
  • Definition: Where you feel most productive, in the physical sense – for example, are you comfortable with rapidly changing tasks, or do you need structure.

Although these are really a basic overview of the three categories, their purpose is to help you concentrate yourself as you look at positions, processing academic / career choices, to make dream work a career reality. The better you know your preferences (with the caveat that they may change as you grow in your knowledge of the LIS profession), the easier it will be for you to identify and ultimately achieve your “most appropriate” information career.

Reassess self-esteem of your career

Remember that self-esteem for a career is for you. It’s a reflection of your skills and achievements, which you have probably expanded in the last year. Maybe you need to add a new experience that has changed your perspective. Maybe you need to edit the type of work you like. To start:

  • Was there a moment that motivated you to explore a topic you may not have considered?
  • Have you connected to someone on your network that you see as a mentor? there is are you Become a mentor?

Since a lot of people are under house arrest warrants, your “definition” may require some creativity. To do this, I encourage you to take a look at the digital experiences you have had:

  • Do you like apps like Zoom, and do you prefer to use video chat or audio chat?
  • Do you prefer to stay off the screen of others, and use email or other written correspondence as a means of communication?
  • Have you had enough screen time, and found yourself breaking down parts of your day into other things?
  • Have you become more involved in commitments, which require you to consider digital work as part of the pyramid of priority?

It’s hard to conceive of ‘decor’ now. But think how
You have adapted To a world where staying safe means staying in one place. Sacrificing a lot of victims.
What did you gain? In terms of self-knowledge and perhaps a new understanding of work preferences from this dignified reality?

Give yourself credit

You should be proud of how far you have managed to get (or survive!) In the last year. With the global epidemic at the forefront of everyone’s experiences in 2020, it’s understandable that making time for your personal career goals may have been ruled out along with many other priorities. But that does not mean it You have was lost. Now is a great time to re-start your career goals by check-in with your career assessment.

Decisions can be forgotten, but achievements are what define your direction; The most important thing is to use your responses to motivate action. My guess is that if you compare the place where you are now with who and where you were 365 days ago, you will be quite impressed.

A quick jot from Gillian

I reviewed my career self-esteem for 2020. I wrote: “This is an example from my life and how I feel from January 2020. I have just started the MLIS program.”

Now 2021. And I will be honest: updating my self-esteem in my career has not been easy. That is why it is so important to look at achievements. My approach this time was personal and pragmatic.

My work here at Career Blog allows me to explore topics that help others; The opportunity to receive mentorship and become a mentor myself (in a sense). I’m more than I thought I could be.

I already see where I adapted. How I changed my career path then was based on experiences throughout the year. Who I met and how they changed my perspective. In retrospect, 2020 was a year of personal success. And evidence that my 2021 can only benefit from this focus.

Additional resources

Selected career opportunities

  • Technical Analyst of Information Management.
    Latham & Watkins LLP (Los Angeles, CA). distant. Submit on

    Latham & Watkins website, LLP
  • Librarian in the social sector. Kennedy (Manhattan, New York). Temporarily remote. Submit on
    Company Website

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