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Dori Clark He is my favorite expert on ideas for marketing, networking and general-something-from-seem-nothing. And in her latest article in the Harvard Business Review, “How to turn to someone whose career you admire,” It gives some clear and practical examples of the best strategies you can use to improve your chances of getting a response.

In the end I talk a lot about how it’s so important to find people in the real world who do that kind of work That you are interested in doing (or that you think you might be interested in doing) while researching new opportunities, and this article provides a particularly relevant perspective on how to approach an information interview. Although I think authentic flattery is often the best opening, some of this advice from Dori Clark made me say “yes!” Loud to no one:
Successful people … (often) are approached by people who take on the role of beggars, who just want to ask questions and gather wisdom. It’s flattering at first, but with enough volume it can be exhausting.

(I feel obligated to say that how much you try to present yourself as a colleague versus a beggar depends on your question – and it’s pretty easy to imagine someone exaggerating with it, but I like it. -Temporarily, and finding real connections with inspiring people is the real point anyway.)


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