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The last two years have not been the best for the aviation industry. Commercial travel was almost completely wiped out, disruption of air transportation of cargo and crew remained on the ground, or worse – fired. But the sky seems to be getting crowded again!

By 2021, many airlines have resumed regular passenger travel and are reporting to put more pilots on board. as This was reported by WSJ, US airlines plan to recruit more than 9,000 pilots by 2022. This is going to be the largest recruitment campaign the industry has seen in the last three years! Moreover, commercial carriers are aggressively competing for experienced talent. For example, American Airlines reports that it offers over $ 150,000 In registration and retention bonuses for new employees.

So if you’re ready to go back on a flight after a break (or get a better job contract), it’s time to refresh your resume! In this quick guide, we provide some must-know tips for writing a resume for a pilot, and then a sample resume for an airline pilot. ready for takeoff?

Apply the BLUF principle

BLUF stands for “bottom line in front”. This is a communication principle that the military uses to ensure that the other side sees the most important information first. In other words – they place crucial details at the top of every document. Citizens should also apply this principle when writing a resume.

Forget the standard resume purpose. Instead, use the title area of ​​your resume to instantly transfer your key skills such as the number of flight hours per aircraft model, recent credentials and training. You can present this as a short flight prey.

Talk about your impact, not just your obligations

If you’re applying for a pilot’s job at an airline, well, you probably know how to maneuver an airplane. So instead of mentioning that you are “flying Boinges and Airbags without accidents”, describe your work experience from an impact perspective. How can your core capabilities yield positive results for the organization and its customers?

For example, instead of saying you’re flying 8+ short-haul commercial routes a week, ‘try something like this:

“98% of the time rating for all domestic flights, completed between January 2021-October 2021.”

Keep your resume floatable

If you are an experienced pilot, it may be tempting to squeeze entities and achievements of work experience as much as a single page can fit. But Jennifer Carpenter, Delta Airlines’ head of global talent acquisition, is urging applicants to use more white space. She Says:

“Many job seekers cram as much content into a resume with as few margins as possible, and think ‘better.’ Your resume is your business card, first acquaintance, and it should be easy to review and digest the key points.”

So as soon as you finish with your first resume outline, go over it again and cut out a few unnecessary sections. Reduce the number of debts you have registered. It’s okay to have 3-4 point descriptions for each position.

Also indicate your soft skills

Many pilots think they are rated only by their technical skills. This is not the case as confirmed by human resources people in the industry like Jennifer Carpenter and others. Most airlines are looking to hire good staff players. They are looking for candidates who will fit in well with another team and will be pleasant to communicate with. So a mention of some essential soft skills can help you show that you will be a good addition to the team and adequately represent the airline in front of its customers.

Example of a pilot’s resume (Word version)

The example below is for a mid-career pilot looking to get a new job at an international commercial supplier.

Example of a resume download (.docx)

Example of a pilot’s resume (text version)

Samantha Wallrich, FAA
10,000+ commercial flight hours / type ratings: 737, 747, A320, A330
099 123 45 67

flight hours:

Total time (as of January 2022): 10,205 hours
Pilot in Command (PiC): 8,134 hours
Second in command (Sic): 2,071 hours
Turbine PiC: 6,432 hours
Multi-engine PiC: 3,773 hours
Night: 2,005 hours

Certifications and Ratings:

  • Medical Certificate Aviation Class 3 of the FAA
  • CPR / First Aid
  • American passport: up-to-date and unlimited
  • Able to get government security clearance


  • Boeing 737/747
  • Airbus A320, A330
  • Embraer 190, 175, 170
  • SIU Aviation Maintenance Training
  • Advanced aerobatics
  • Personal strength
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Aimed at customer experience

working experience

Pilot of a commercial airline
Holiday Airlines
September 2017 – Today

  • 4600 flight hours, PiC: 2600, SiC: 2000, night: 800.
  • Operated short- and medium-haul flights from downtown Miami.
  • Service destinations: USA, Cuba, Panama, Mexico, Colombia.
  • 96% time rating in 2019
  • Zero fault rate
  • “Co-pilot of the year” was chosen by colleagues

Pilot airline pilot
Luxury travel
August 2015 to September 2017

  • Fly on-demand payroll routes across the US
  • Provided amazing levels of services to VIP customers
  • Emergency landing successfully completed due to engine failure after handling
  • Ensreud Highest levels of operational safety
  • Was one of the most sought after pilots by regular customers


University of Illinois
Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Science
GPA 3.6


  • English speaker)
  • Spanish (bilingual)
  • French (talk)

Last tip: Always provide additional context

Aside from listing all of your “technical characteristics” like flight hours, type ratings and industry certifications, make sure you also provide additional context around these. For example, cite unusual events (such as emergency landings or challenging airports) as proof of your skills. Also, list some passages related to how it is to work with you as a person by highlighting any feedback, praise or awards you have received in previous roles.


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