PhD and Masters Talent Trends report summary

Many of the best minds in higher education institutions in the UK and Ireland have started their career journeys by applying for a master’s or doctoral opportunity. This is where future talents can hone their skills, showcase their research expertise and accumulate the knowledge and experience they need to help tackle the world’s great challenges.

B We have conducted in-depth research to provide you with a better insight into the recruitment trends in this market. Our report closely examines 3,524 master’s and doctoral opportunities In the 2020-2021 academic year by higher education institutions in the UK and Ireland. Our extensive report covers a wide range of information to assist higher education institutions, job seekers and career counselors alike. The information in this report will allow recruitment teams in particular to plan for the future. They can mark funding and evaluate when it is best to advertise and for how long. They can also see details of opportunities posted on them By location and month.

Key Findings

  • 3,524 postgraduate and doctoral opportunities were published on by institutions of higher learning in the UK and Ireland from 1 August 2020 to 31 July 2021
  • 99% of the total doctorates are offered as full-time positions
  • Doctoral opportunities attract an average of 827 views
  • For Masters, 38% of opportunities offered funding of up to £ 14,999 while 53% of opportunities did not reveal the funding

You can download the The full report is here.


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