Professional, Managerial and Support Services Talent Trends report summary

Managers, professionals and managers in institutions of higher education play a key role in designing and presenting their vision while maintaining everything in a smooth, efficient and cost-effective manner. Human resources, marketing and IT to finance and assets, they provide vital support and are the heartbeat of many universities. However, competition from the private sector and other local, regional and international institutions and organizations is intensifying. It becomes more challenging for higher education institutions to attract the best professional, managerial and supportive talents. With more recruitment channels and jobs looking for jobs, the market is also becoming increasingly complex.

So at we have done in-depth research to provide you with better insight into the latest recruitment trends and all kinds of information to help you recruit the best talent for your non-academic positions.

Our report takes a closer look at the 17,950 professional, managerial, and support ads placed by higher education institutions in the UK and Ireland on our work calendar during the 2020/2021 school year.

we found:

  • 31% of the positions were in the salary range of £ 30,000 – £ 39,000
  • July was the busiest month for advertising
  • 86% of the positions advertised were full-time and 61% were permanent
  • 44% of opportunities for hospitality, retail, conferences and events, sports and leisure were located in the Midlands and the North of England

If you would like to see the full report, you can Download it here.


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