Public School Teacher to Expat Author to Entrepreneur with Queen Michele [Podcast]

Podcast # 243 – Queen Michelle returns to the podcast to talk to us about her entrepreneurial endeavors


This week I have real joy for you as I interview Queen Michelle. Kevin is in her late 50s and is a retired African-American teacher who moved to the north shore of Lake Chaplain Mexico in 2018. She lives on a $ 1,100 monthly teacher allowance.

I interviewed Kevin in episode 119 of March 2019 after she published her book Considerations: A Guide to Moving Abroad. I’m bringing her back because she has some more entrepreneurial efforts to tell you about them.

During our interview her dog Quincy interrupted us, and I left that in the episode because he’s a big part of Kevin’s life.

Kevin is an incredibly flexible and energetic woman who I hope will inspire you.

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Now we’ll move on to the podcast …

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