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Published: January 3, 2022 by Gillian Collins

Career self-esteem is another amazing tool of iSchool. Self-esteem is a template for you to conceptualize the functions, people and environment you want for your career. This is 2022, a new year with obstacles beyond your control. Consider the optimism and strengths acquired both academically and personally to map out important aspects of interactions, duties, and the physical work environment.

Mandatory changes

There are realistic limitations that affect the key factors – function, people and environment – that promote your success preferences. It is difficult to look at an uncertain future in a turbulent present time. When reviewing and changing your self-esteem for 2021, practice pragmatic optimism – only are you
Can determine the conditions of how are you Most suitable for adjustment.

You may find that your traditional area of ​​interest is changing rapidly. You may have been interested in an area in 2021 and would like to move on to another LIS career field. You may have noticed the potential to innovate in the LIS field and combine your knowledge in different career fields. Determine what these “mandatory changes” are. Take a perspective of personal experiences as part of your self-esteem.

Consider and create

Self-esteem combines personal and professional interests. You need to recognize that an area of ​​interest is only a small part of your career success. What makes you valuable is how much experience, from studies to situations.

Self-esteem is divided into three areas – function, people and framework. Taken directly from self-esteem, here are examples from each section:

  • Functions: What personal and / or professional activities do you really enjoy? When you think of growth in 2021, this question can be read as how you acquired a hobby that you are passionate about, creating proactive professional steps in 2022. For example, searching for digital groups dedicated to community gardening is participating in knowledge sharing, taking time to cultivate relationships and get started ( Meaning) in small steps to grow more. You can transfer this to a professional role in connecting communities to libraries and networks, taking projects to the next level.
  • People: Who would you like to support?
    The idea of ​​advancing your career begins with the idea of ​​what you see in the world – and how you react or act. We have seen a lot of social movements, information trends and global issues involving group support. In this sense, you may have a greater understanding of the challenges you or others face. Work with others, and who benefits from the work – and bring your knowledge of LIS to the table.
  • Framework: Do you want a work framework that is academic, corporate, cultural or community focused? We have seen that our studies as library or information professionals have sought-after skills – and have evolved to incorporate more emphasis on community. If you’ve discovered that a course in public library evaluations is related to aspects of how space is allocated in libraries, hold on to that idea! Social distance can be one thing that comes to mind, but a small space holds great potential. From physical spaces to aesthetic changes, community libraries are potentially limitless. This is just one example of the LIS region, and various ‘spaces’ from 2021 bring great ideas for 2022.

A mandatory change of the plague is its ripple effects. Remember reality and “mandatory changes” and notice how are you Production of them opportunities in 2022.

Connect the dots

There are 14 questions that fall into the three categories of career self-esteem. This is a brainstorm, not a test. Think of it as a way to see the adjustments you make in your life that fit the opportunities.

Opportunities require courage to approach. We see the dynamics of our lives and the bigger picture, for the most part, as discouraging. Start small. Adaptation, as we have experienced, is difficult. Even the most inconspicuous achievement is an opportunity for celebration.

When you go through your self-esteem in your career – or even start it for the first time – you open your eyes to the way forward in 2022 that best suits you!

Quick Jot from Gillian

I tend to jump from idea to idea when it comes to career goals. What really made me think this year was my idea of ​​leadership in the profession.

I often draw connections to the present using minor trivial knowledge of the past. I find myself pointing to steps that can provide a crisis. I think my leadership skills set is negative, but I know we all take risks. There is an aspect of “no better, no worse” in the way I see myself. But learning how others see the world has given me a better idea – and more skills in empathy and finding a common ground – defined information and leadership as part of a whole, with pragmatic and broader views on my future.

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