Rebuilding the Workforce webinar –

On Thursday, March 11, we hosted the second in a series of HE Recruitment 2021 online seminars, Rebuilding the Workforce.

Watch the webinar now and hear from the following participants:


Advice for people

Graeme Hunter leads EY’s people consulting business for education, policing and local government and our community design practice community.

He is passionate about using the power of EY and consulting to improve the way organizations recruit, lead and manage their people, and has twenty years of experience in leading clients and their people through complex changes, redesigning their organizations to deliver their purpose and strategy.

He is currently helping police clients create new partnerships with higher education, change the way they recruit and develop new officers. He lives in Northumberland and looks forward to a time when he will be able to meet people face to face again!

Changes in the nature of work, and the impact of Cubid-19, put higher education under pressure. Looking to the future, this session will examine the key things that HE people will have to consider in rebuilding the workforce. How can you better balance the demand for capabilities and the supply of talent? How can you plan for a future where the nature of the work changes – not just its location? And what could this affect the way human resources work in the future?

You can download Graemes Presentation here


Senior OECD economist

Stijn is a senior economist at the OECD, where he leads the organization’s Future of Work initiative. He co-edited and co-wrote the 2019 employment forecast for the future of work.

He is currently in charge of a major work program on the impact of artificial intelligence on the labor market. Other current research projects focus on new forms of work and the economics of performances. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Royal Holloway, University of London. From 2006 to 2010 he worked as an Economic Adviser on Higher Education in the UK Public Service.

You can download Stijns Presentation here.

Our next online seminar, the Open Human Resource Managers Forum will be held on Thursday, March 18, from 12-13: 00 (GMT)


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