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Have you changed your mind about leaving your job? Do not panic.

Your reasons for Resigns Maybe it was clear when you submitted yours Resignation letter. However, there are a number of circumstances that may cause you to rethink your decision. Knowing how to contact an employer to back it up from your resignation can be daunting – especially if you fear it’s too late to apply.

To help you do it right, here is a sample resignation cancellation letter and tips on how to cancel your resignation.

Reasons to cancel your resignation

Cancellation of a resignation is not a typical event, but there may be cases where you feel it is the right decision because:

  • A job offer fell through
  • You have decided that you do not want to move
  • You intended to move to a new area, but the passage was frozen
  • You have heard negative things about your new employer and decided that they are not in line with your principles
  • You have decided to suspend your curricula for a while
  • Your current employer has made a counter offer

How: Resign

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How can I recover from my resignation?

He may indicate in your company directory the process for resigning. If not, it is customary to raise this request in writing, and it must clearly state that you wish to withdraw from the resignation and be allowed to work after the date of departure.

It is best to keep the letter relevant, but it will help the process go more smoothly if it contains:

  • The date
  • Your name
  • The name of the person handling your resignation
  • Opening statement seeking to cancel your resignation
  • Reasons to want to withdraw from your resignation
  • Summary of the Skills And value you bring to the job
  • A concluding sentence expressing your gratitude
  • Your signature

If you’re having trouble how to put this in writing, here’s an example of a resignation letter that you can use in the template:

Example of a letter canceling a resignation


Your name

Expensive [name of recipient]

I am writing to cancel my resignation, dated [date of resignation]. I want to continue working in my current role in the queue [job title]. If possible, I would like my resignation canceled to begin [date].

I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. At the time of my resignation, my plan was to do so [reason for resigning]But those plans have changed because of [reason for retracting resignation]And now I can continue to work in my roles as [job title].

If you agree to back it off from my resignation, I’m sure my skills, like [mention a couple of skills] Will continue to bring success to my team, as I did in the past when [an example of past achievement].

Thank you for considering canceling my resignation, and I look forward to discussing how we can move forward with it.


[Your name]

Does my employer have to accept my return?

Once you have submitted your resignation, your employer has no legal obligation to accept your cancellation. So before you resign, be sure you want to leave. You can try to negotiate a rescission with your employer, but they have the right to postpone it.

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Tips for Attracting Resignation

Asking to cancel your resignation can be daunting, so to help you get over your nerves, here are some tips to help you successfully return from your resignation:

Know your rights

Generally, once your employer has received your resignation, there is no legal obligation for him to receive your return. However, check with your human resources department or with your employee guide to see if it says otherwise. Knowing where you stand, legally, is always a useful first step when entering into discussions with your employer.

Employee rights and obligations

Contact your employer as soon as possible

This may indicate in your contract that you have a certain period to withdraw from your resignation. If not, the sooner you do it, the better it will be for your employer, since they have already started the process of hiring your replacement.

How: Communicate effectively at work

say the truth

Your employer will likely ask why you decided to withdraw from your resignation. If it’s for personal reasons, you should not go into depth, but making the connection to change your consciousness may help your employer be more empathetic towards you. If the reason for wanting to stay is because your new job has fallen – maybe it would be wise to take care of it tactfully (so that they do not think you are looking to hop on a ship at the next available opportunity).

Be willing to prove your worth

Your employer may be careful about accepting the cancellation of your resignation. This is understandable, since not long ago you were ready to leave. So maybe they need some persuasion to keep you in their job. Before any discussion with your employer, write down the successes or accomplishments you were a part of and list your contribution. following the STAR method Will help you clearly convey to your employer the value you bring to your job and staff.

Stay positive

In discussions with your employer, you can apologize for any inconvenience your decision may cause, but always try to keep the conversation positive. Emphasize your commitment to the company, how much you enjoy working with your team, and the successes you want to achieve with the company in the future.

Whether the results of the calls are positive or negative, thank them for their time – it is impossible to know when you will have to ask Reference Or when your career paths may intersect again.

How to: Make a Career Plan

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