Resume Trends of 2022 With Amanda Augustine

Each year, contact an expert resume writer in the program to discuss next year and the trends you need to know to make a positive change in your job search. Amanda Augustine from Top Resume joins us to discuss upcoming trends for 2022.

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About Amanda …

She is a career expert and spokesperson for Talent Inc. (Top Resume is a company under TI), and a certified resume writer. She often does the press. She also has her own company, Amanda Augustine, LLC.

Highlights from our conversation:

  • Amanda quotes A survey builds a resume Of the employers who 30% declare that they reject candidates who do not have their vaccine status in the resume.
  • She recommends putting your vaccination status at the end of the professional summary or executive summary.
  • Amanda says, “When you’re looking for a job, you’re now a marketer and you’re marketing the most valuable asset there is, yourself, your qualities, your candidacy, all the skills you bring to the table.”
  • You need to think about how you can prove that you have the skills that will make you a good candidate to work remotely, whether it’s the technical skills you have gathered in the various areas of project management.
  • Ball points should be bragging rights
  • Use LinkedIn posts (and other social platforms) to show employers that you are ready to work remotely by showing the area you have defined.
  • Amanda cites the Top Resume survey for employers regarding top soft skills. Respondents detail communication and everything that is a part, including digital communication, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, teamwork and time management.

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