SPRING CLEANING Is Essential For Your Success. Listen To This To Find Out Why

Having worked at Martha Stewart’s company for a number of years, I am familiar with the health benefits, health and productivity of a thorough spring cleaning of the home and office.

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We also have “inner closets” of stuck thoughts and energy that can confuse us. In this episode of “An Act of Life with Maggie, My Guest”. Agatha Scholar Will share expert advice to treat both.

Learn from this energy-conscious professional who has studied Feng Shui art and the five-element science. Get spot-on tips to clear your home and yourself and really start over!

Learn more about personality pattern assessment and how it can benefit your career decisions with greater verification and confidence.

Also include this month’s career tip on how to launch your desire rockets to effectively articulate your career dreams and goals.

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Check out the inspiring book, expands the mood, gifts from the road

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