Strategies to Attract and Retain Diverse Talent with Sharon Smith-Akinsanya

The interview presented for this program will be with Rae-McKinsey Group author and CEO Sharon Smith-McKinsey. Her book, Colorfull: Competitive strategies to attract and maintain a diverse color talent, Shares how she helps companies hire people with color talent.

In this episode, you will hear a clip from #JobSeekerNation, a live broadcast program that Jack Kelly and I do every Wednesday. Chelsea J. Was our guest when we talked about how a job jump has become a career strategy.

I will also publish an excerpt from an episode later this winter with Melinda Emerson, Lady of Small Business of America. You can find the whole video call on my youtube channel.

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More about Sharon:

Sharon Smith-Akinsania is the CEO of Rae Mackenzie Group and is the author of Colorfull: Competitive Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Talent of Color.

Emphasis in conversation:

  • “Do it,” says Sharon, starting at the top levels, C-Suite, vice president and senior vice president, to ensure they “go talk.”
  • Sharon walks by them to ensure that managers have all the tips, tools and resources they need.
  • There is enough data to commit to diversity. Companies that ask for more data are not customers for it.
  • Her company Recently partnered with HBCU’s Pride Nation.
  • Sharon says that job seekers who want to work in a diverse company should, “… look at the site, is the DEI information hidden? That’s the first thing. Can you find it if you can not find it? Go on. That’s the first thing. So, that If it’s not, the CEO and staff have decided it’s important, that they do not want you to know what’s going on. “
  • She also shares, “We have to make sure we understand the value of networking, the value of connection, the value of tracking. We do not want to get caught on a flat foot, you know, I get a lot of calls from professionals who have not followed their network.”
  • Sharon shares her experience working for Prince.

Join me in two weeks for my conversation with Dr. Antonio Boyd, CEO of The future of the school.

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