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The great resignation continues. But a word of caution to those planning to re-integrate into the workforce – a skill! The skills you will need in the future look different from the ones you currently have.

In September, 4.4 million U.S. workers resigned.

In August 4.3 million American workers resigned.

These are record-breaking numbers.

Although the reasons vary from unbearable working conditions to personal life situations, it is clear that employees feel confident enough to quit.

If you or someone you know is unemployed and looking for, then you will want to refresh your job search skills.

In this week’s summary, you will find:

  • 5 tips for today’s job seekers
  • Consulting on changing industries
  • Questions to ask an employer during an interview
  • Personnel Skills Forecasts for 2025

job search

5 job search tips for career changers during the big resignation | ATD

Anyone looking for a new job should be aware of what has changed in job search since the epidemic began and how employers are responding.

Will a small change do you any good? | LinkedIn

Andrew Siman has compiled these articles that address why and / or how people are changing jobs or industries now. If you are not satisfied, check if changing jobs or industry is really the right move.


27 unique interview questions to ask the employer | Sidekick for a career

You will never have enough questions to ask an employer. Be prepared and willing to ask some of these questions before concluding your next interview.

Trends in the labor force

Job Future Report for 2020 | World Economic Forum

This report, written in October 2020, analyzes who the displaced workers are during the epidemic, why they have moved and why they will move. This is an in-depth look at who the epidemic affected and the changes that are taking place.

This graphic illustrates the predictive skills needed for the workforce of the future.

The Top 10 Skills of 2025 - The World Economic Forum

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