Tell Me a Time When You Took A Risk at Work?

Tell me about the time you took a risk at work!

In this article, we will teach you how to answer the most difficult interview question, tell me about a time when you took a risk at work!

This is an interview question that is very difficult to answer! But, if you have a job interview ahead of any job or organization, be sure to read through to the end, because we will give you the perfect scripted answer!

To help you get through your job interview, we will review 3 things during this guide:

#1. We will explain Why the interviewer asks you the question, Tell me about a time when you took a risk at work.

# 2. We will give you 3 really important tips On the answer to this question, and I will also tell you the one word You must use your response!

# 3. We will give you Brilliant example answer!

Why does the interviewer ask you the question, tell me about a time when you took a risk at work?

Reason # 1. When a recruitment manager asks you this question, he wants to hire someone who is more likely to take risks at work. By taking the right risks, there is a higher chance that the business will achieve success, and beat its competitors.

Reason # 2. The second reason why the interviewer asks you this interview question is because they want to evaluate your ‘approach’ to taking risks! The way you take risks at work will be essential to your success in the job.

3 Really Important Tips for Answering the Interview Question Tell me about a time when you took a risk at work?

Tip # 1 Use the STAR technique to build your answer.

  • Start and tell the interviewer what situation you were in.
  • Go ahead and describe the task that needs to be done.
  • Give details of the action you took!
  • Finish with the results of your actions!

Tip # 2. When answering this interview question, be sure to use the word ‘calculated’ in your response!

Any risk you take at work should be calculated. Taking a calculated risk means you Consider the pros and cons of risk And you also act in a way that is going to benefit the organization.

Tip # 3. At the end of your answer, tell it to the interviewer while you are someone Who will take calculated risks, Never do anything to get the organization in trouble!

Sample answer to the question, tell me about a time when you took a risk at work?

Situation: In my previous job I was working on an important project this weekend. Unfortunately, my company’s laptop developed a glitch that caused me to no longer be able to work on the project.

task: To buy a new laptop, I needed confirmation from my manager that I knew he was on vacation for two weeks. I had to decide whether to buy a new laptop without my manager’s approval so I could continue working on the project.

action: After carefully considering my options, and after analyzing the risk to the company by not being able to finish the project this weekend, I decided to go ahead and purchase the laptop.

outcome: When my principal returned to work, she agreed that I had done the right thing a decision. Whenever I take calculated risks, I will always put the needs of the company first and foremost, and I will never do anything that puts the business in jeopardy.

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