The Argument for Return to Work

As you probably know by now, I support working from home. I believe that when possible, it can provide an increased quality of life for the employee – and cost savings for the employer. But, it is starting to become more common that employers require employees to come back anyway. And the reasoning is surprising.

I recently learned that some employers claim that anyone who prefers work from home hides something. In particular, they hide mental health problems and addiction. In other words, the only reason you might want to work from home is if you have a problem that you do not want your boss to know about.

This knowledge is daunting at best. Through the epidemic, it has been proven that many office workers can work efficiently at home. In addition to being more efficient at work, many employees have seen their stress levels go down and their personal time go up.

There are many logical reasons why leaders may want their people to return to the physical office. For example, not every job can be done as part of a home-based job. And if you lead an organization where only some of the jobs can be remote, you may want them all to come back together. This may increase the sense of community and equality in different parts of the organization.

There are also employees who really prefer to work from the office. They appreciate the structure it creates. They love the separation between home and work that walking to the office provides. They enjoy occasional moments of community with co-workers.

There are many legitimate reasons that an employer may prefer that his employees personally return to a central office location. But, shifting the blame to employees is wrong. The vast majority of those who enjoy working from home enjoy it for non-secret reasons. It’s not because something’s wrong with them. This is not because they use substances during the work day, or protect the employer from the struggles in their mental health.

do not get me wrong. Many workers did experience mental health challenges during the COVID-19 epidemic. Really, why did anyone expect an epidemic? This is an epidemic. Working from home may have helped bridge the gap for some people during a difficult repair. But, the idea that all work supporters from home are hiding something is just not true.

If you need your employees to return to a physical office, be honest. Explain the real reasons why the company believes it makes sense. Then, listen to your employees. Hear their concerns. Work together to come up with a solution that fits both sides of the equation.

Do not turn on your employees. Do not pressure them to return from fear or shame. As a leader, it is your job to inspire others to want to follow your vision.

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