The First Step to Job Landing Success

The first step to success at work

Access is everything in job search. It really is that way.

I recently had a job seeker named Mark contact me to ask, “My observation is that if you do not have a foot in the door, a resume does not make a difference. Is that not true?”

No it’s not real. at all.

In fact, there are employee recruitment scenarios where contacting a company can be an obstacle because potential colleagues may think that the employee referred is not eligible but is considered only because of who they know.

So while “foot in the door” can make certain scenarios move faster, it is not a magic bullet for success at work. And that can be a burden sometimes.

So no, Mark, that’s not true.

Job seekers reach jobs by creating new network connections.

Job seekers research news articles, penetrate with decision makers and get hired this way.

Job seekers are hired through job boards.

Many job seekers find success in landing work beyond the foot at the door.

There are so many ways to get an interview and get a job.

And the attitude of being open to all avenues, even if it is inconvenient to carry out some of the tactics, is a top value to get a job in this crazy time we are in.

This may sound vicious to you, but I suggested to Mark not to hire us if he thinks he can only get a job with a foot in the door.

I explained that he needed to be open to new ways of getting hired so he could find a job. If he was not willing to watch other channels or could not see other options, I wanted him to save his money.

You see, when you hire us or any type of coach / consultant, you have to believe that change can happen and be on the path to success. You have to believe it will work, but when you first invest, you realize you just do not know how true this moment is.

So open your head to what is possible.

This is the first step to success at work.

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