The Highest-Paying Jobs for Animal Lovers

Are you interested in rescuing animals as an animal shelter manager, treating injured animals as a veterinary technician, or studying wildlife as a scientist? The good news is that there are a lot of these animal-related jobs. Although you may have to spend a lot of time in school, you can rest assured that the best jobs for animal lovers pay high annual salaries.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, e The average veterinarian earns $ 99,250 Per year, and veterinary jobs are expected to grow by 17 percent by 2030. But veterinarians are not the only animal lovers with a promising career path. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the highest paid jobs for animal lovers.

What is an animal lover?

An animal lover is someone who feels affection for inhuman creatures. They often have pets and usually enjoy being near animals. Such people are good candidates to work with animals for a living.

If that describes you and you are not happy with your current vocation, you may find a career fulfillment in an animal hospital or kennel, zoo or aquarium, or out in the woods or ocean. All of these frameworks have high-wage jobs with animals.

What jobs are available for animal lovers?

There are many jobs available for animal lovers. All over the civilized world, humans keep pets, and experts are required to care for them. In the wild, meanwhile, animals are often displaced from their natural habitats due to soil development and climate change. Both in home settings and outdoors in nature, there is a lot of work to be done.

Some of the best jobs for animal lovers are conservation officers, wildlife biologists, veterinarians and animal nutritionists. We discuss these works and several other high-paying works for animal lovers later in this guide.

Companies that employ animal lovers

  • VetCor. Founded in 1997, this company offers veterinary services at over 400 veterinary hospitals across the United States. Its veterinary team provides excellent care tailored to the needs of pets, clients and different circumstances. A pet lover will find a second home on VetCor.
  • The Wildlife Alliance in San Diego. If you are aspiring a zoo keeper or wildlife keeper, or you just love the idea of ​​working with zoos, this is the company for you. The San Diego Zoo is committed to building sustainable conservation solutions by combining science, education and high quality medical care.
  • Dog company. If you want to be an animal trainer, Canine is a highly rated organization to work for. The company is located in Connecticut, hires animal specialists to offer professional animal training and sell special products for pet animals.
  • Cargill. This company hires nutritionists to research pet food solutions and animal feed mixes. Cargill employs 150,000 people in 70 countries.
  • Patsens. This specialty retailer is dedicated to satisfying the needs of pet owners. It is known for its pet grooming services, but it also offers a wide range of natural food at a good price. For this reason, if you consider yourself a pet groomer or animal nutritionist, you can meet your career goals by working at one of the 189 Petsense stores.

The 10 highest paid jobs for animal lovers

Job title Average salary Top 10% salary
veterinarian $ 96,624 $ 131,000
Biological wildlife $ 81,627 $ 125,000
Land Manager for Conservation $ 73,723 $ 113,000
Animal nutritionist $ 62,446 $ 94,500
Conservation officer $ 52,794 $ 100,000
Biological for conservation $ 51,214 $ 84,000
Tells pets $ 36,337 $ 51,000
Animal Control Officer $ 30,354 $ 35,000
Veterinary nurse $ 30,175 $ 39,000
Pet sitter $ 25,194 $ 35,000

The table above shows the highest paid jobs for animal lovers, both in terms of the median wage and in terms of the wage in the 90th percentile. Let’s look at each of these works in more detail below.


A veterinarian is a veterinarian. They treat sick animals in a veterinary clinic, in an animal hospital or in a medical facility adjacent to the place that treats animals. They monitor eating habits, perform diagnoses, perform medical tests and administer vaccines.

Requirements to become a veterinarian are a bachelor’s degree, a veterinary or veterinary medical certificate and a license issued by the government. To begin veterinary practice in the United States, you must pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Test along with any exam required by your country.

Biological wildlife

A wildlife biologist is similar to a marine biologist. While the latter investigates marine life exclusively, the former investigates different types of animals and plants. They tend to focus on the impact of humans on habitats. You can find them studying samples in labs or writing reports in offices.

The minimum education requirement for a wildlife biologist is a bachelor’s degree in zoology. However, due to high competition, a master’s degree is recommended.

Land Manager for Conservation

Those in charge of this role are committed to ensuring the safety of wildlife in any land that falls under their authority. It can be a park, forest or any other area owned by the government or a company.

If you want to be one, you must have a bachelor’s degree in resource management. Besides, you should also work in an internship to gain valuable knowledge and experience. A license may be required in some countries.

Animal nutritionist

An animal nutritionist examines the nutritional requirements of animals and makes sure they are eating the appropriate foods. They monitor how changes in an animal’s diet affect its behavior, and they recommend to government agencies and zoos recommendations regarding animal nutrition.

To be such, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Some high-level jobs in this field require a master’s degree.

Conservation officer

A conservation officer protects wildlife habitats. Although they sometimes come in contact with animals, they usually do not work with them directly. Instead, they make sure tourists and other visitors to the area follow the rules applied to keep animals safe.

Aside from a bachelor’s degree in conservation law, a conservation officer should have a love for nature. They must also participate in internship programs prior to applying for full-time retention officer positions.

Biological for conservation

A conservation biologist supports all endangered species in the face of global change. They are often curious, interested in science, and enthusiastic about environmental information.

It is beneficial for these professionals to have a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology and fishing. Volunteer performances, internships and several years of work experience are necessary if conservation biologists want to advance in the field.

Tells pets

A pet groomer takes care of the hygienic needs of an animal. They clean teeth, cut nails and cut hair. Professional pet numbers must have good communication skills to be able to talk to pet owners. They must also be patient with the animals they breed.

This work comes without formal education requirements. However, ambitious pet numbers need to have previous experience with pets.

Animal Control Officer

Officers of this type are responsible for enforcing laws prohibiting animal cruelty. They search for and rescue injured animals, keep records of cases of animal cruelty and prepare reports.

An animal control officer usually needs a GED or matriculation certificate. However, in many cases, they are likely to have previous experience working with animals. For this reason, animal-seeking workers need to engage in volunteer opportunities in their area.

Veterinary nurse

A veterinary nurse basically does the job of a veterinary technician. A veterinarian technician and a veterinarian nurse are two names for someone who assists a licensed veterinarian. These veterinary assistants assist in performing physical activities of the pet, pumping blood and administering vaccines.

All aspiring veterinary nurses must have a GED or matriculation certificate. Keep in mind that the state sets the educational requirements, and most states require veterinary nurses to complete a training program.

Pet sitter

Pet cops keep an eye on pets while their owners do not. They play with them, clean up after them and follow the instructions given to them by the owners. Since most pet owners hire people they know, the best way to succeed as a pet keeper is to build a loyal customer base.

Previous experience with pets is also recommended.

Tips for finding success in working with animals

If you want to pursue a career in animal-related fields, you are more likely to find the job of your dreams if you follow the tips listed below.

  1. Cultivate empathy. Anyone who works with animals knows that these creatures have emotions. You cannot understand the behavior of animals until you feel towards them on an emotional level. Animals that exhibit violent or shy behavior are often misunderstood, but if you handle them carefully and tactfully, you can give them a better life.
  2. Practice patience. A trait closely related to empathy is patience. Many animals are aggressive towards humans only when they feel threatened. If you treat animals patiently, they are more likely to be comfortable in your presence.
  3. Learn about animal behavior. Many animal-related jobs require extensive training. Formal education will help you understand their physiology, body language and movements. If you go to college and specialize in biology, zoology or veterinary science, you will be better equipped to care for animals and meet their needs.
  4. Develop communication skills. Almost any job that involves animals requires you to interact with people. Communication skills and interpersonal skills contribute significantly to success because although animals are your primary responsibility, your income comes from other people, whether they are pets, tourists or governments.
  5. Learn to work under pressure. Many animals need constant care. Your presence may be required at inconvenient times, and you may encounter criticism of the quality of your work. Therefore, you need to be able to handle deadlines and stressful situations.

Jobs for Animal Lovers Outlook

There are many jobs that animal lovers can engage in. Of the professions reviewed in this article, those related to animal care have the best outlook. According to the US Labor Bureau, Animal caregivers and related professions are expected to grow by 33 percent Over the next decade, with about 110,800 new jobs created.

Best Jobs for Animal Lovers Frequently Asked Questions

Are the best jobs for animal lovers well worth it?

Yes they do. There are many opportunities in this field to enjoy what you love to do while making a lot of money. According to ZipRecruiter, for example, the average salary of a veterinarian is $ 96,624 per year, while the average natural biologist earns $ 81,627 per year.

Is formal education required to work with animals?

Many jobs for animal lovers do not require any formal education. You can be a dog trainer, pet keeper, number of pets or an animal care officer with a little more than a matriculation certificate.

What skills are required to work as an animal lover?

Working with animals requires a combination of hard and soft skills. While the former includes knowledge of animal behavior, the latter includes patience, sensitivity and interpersonal skills.

Do I need previous experience to work with animals?

No, you do not always need prior experience to work with animals. You can find start-up jobs at a number of leading companies that employ animal lovers. Such companies include VetCor and Cargill.

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