The Season for Networking — Rachel B. Garrett

I do not believe Thanksgiving will be next week, holiday movies are starting to appear in trend on Netflix, Christmas mix is ​​brewing at Starbucks and the virtual and intimate holiday sessions are starting to fill our diaries.

For those of you who have been following me for several years, maybe you can predict what I’m about to say. It requires a return.

The holiday season is my favorite time for networking and job searching.

I have clients who get new positions in December every year. I’m serious. all. Damn. sleep.

Are you ready to run your network at all those meals and holiday parties?

It’s time to get your 🦆🦆🦆 in sequence and I’m so excited to get exactly what you need to get there.

Next Monday, I will launch my new course – Nail Your Elevator Pitch.

After this sex course, you will leave with:

An unforgettable and authentic pitch, that sounds like you, feels invigorating and activates your network so they can help you during your next career.

I have all the tools to get you there … fast.

A short video on how to do it, three different formulas to suit where you are in your process (just starting out and I do not have the answers, active job search or returning to the workforce after a gap).

Workbook so you can follow the videos.

All this for only $ 60. Yeah I know. it makes me happy.

And I even offer a 45 minute 1: 1 session for a workshop with me at a discounted rate of $ 125.

So if you’ve motivated to review your new offer over the coming weeks of the holidays, look for my email on Monday.

Okay, go out and dot some of me, cross some characters and put some more love, compassion and joy into the process most people are afraid of. I’ll guide you through it, I’ll bring the fun … and you’re going to make career leaps.

Here. we. go!


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