The Simplest Way to Get Better Results From Your Team (with Video)

How I learned the secret to better results the hard way

Before I share this secret to getting better results, I want you to think back on your last year in high school. Do you remember that you were really sensitive to all the “last ones?”

The last big game. The last show you were in. Or, last summer night before you and your friends left?

Well, it was my son Ben’s last band game of the season in his final year of high school, and he invited me to come shoot – and that’s a great job for me. I love my son. I feel everything a mother feels from a child who is about to graduate and go to school. And yes, I love photography. I have a lot of motivation to do a great job.

No one should convince me to get better results. I’m taking care of it.

So I enter the stadium and I can hear the rhythm of the marching band spinning on the track …

In fact, I think this story would be more enjoyable if I told it to you like this:

Delivering clear expectations is not micro-management, but empowering

If you want to empower your team to find more creative ways to achieve better results, start by setting a success.

My guess is that you no longer need ideas of what needs to be achieved. You already have a long list of the most important things.

You know your “guitar”. But what you need is for your team to share their ideas on how to get there faster with better quality.

One of the biggest mistakes we see that well-meaning leaders in human beings make is not communicating their expectations. They assume their team needs to know what is most important and why. They could have achieved better results if they had been clearer about what was most important.

One good conversation about expectations not only drives fourteen “why did not you?” Conversations, it also reduces ambiguity and directs time and energy to more creative solutions.

Your turn. What is your best secret to encouraging better results?

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