The top courses to help you get hired March 2022

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With over 86,000 courses to choose from, your options are (almost) unlimited. To help narrow it down for you, we have selected just six courses that you should definitely sign up for this coming March.

Here are our top choices in technology, project management and business:

Technology courses

Want to understand the inner workings of AI? Looking to fight cybercrime? Just want to acquire the skills you need to fight the Robot Rebellion? You should study technology.

Covering a wide range of topics, this sector is growing forever, bringing with it the need for qualified professionals. In just the last 4 years, the field of technology has expanded by 150% *.

So no matter what field of technology you are interested in, getting a certification will guarantee you a future career.

Top courses: God MSc in Artificial Intelligence Technology And MSc in Cyber ​​Security From the University of Northumberland.

MSc Artificial Intelligence Technology

This MSc is designed to equip graduates with in-demand skills to work in a variety of roles in the IT industry. During your studies, you will develop your skills as a digital leader, acquire the skills needed to identify and implement AI solutions.

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MSc Cyber ​​Security

This MSc will provide you with advanced knowledge and skills and expertise in the field of cyber security. You will gain a critical understanding of governance and information security, combined with technological risk management methods.

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Project management courses

If you are an organized person who is excited to take the lead, a project management career may be for you.

Not only can you work in a variety of industries, you can also earn a decent salary. According to’s payroll examiner, project professionals in the UK earn an average of £ 55,000 a year.

Want to gain the skills that employers are looking for? Start learning project management today.

Top courses: God MSc in International Project Management And MSc in Program Management and Projects From the University of Northumberland.

MSc International Project Management

This MSc will equip you with the skills required for successful project management, understanding national boundaries and cultural differences. You will also use case studies to find out what it takes to cultivate a successful international project environment.

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MSc program and project management

This MSc is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get a general certification that helps them further develop their knowledge and skills in project management, especially in the context of leadership and strategic management.

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Business courses

Let’s face it, businesses will never be anything. This means that people with great business skills are always in demand.

While business roles are extremely diverse, they usually involve promising every component in the organization to operate to the peak of functionality, whether it is through performance analysis and offering improvements, or risk assessment and mitigation.

Want to get certified? Let’s get down to business.

Top courses: God MBA And MSc Business International with Data Analytics From the University of Ulster in London and Birmingham.


This MBA is a general management course aimed at aspiring and established middle managers from a variety of business sectors. Once completed, you can add value through an integrated, applied and critical understanding of management.

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MSc Business International with Data Analytics

This MSc will allow you to acquire, develop and integrate international business theory. You will also learn how to apply these theories in terms of international business practice, and gain an assessment of how digital aspects and data factors can affect business conduct.

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*source: The nation of technology.


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