Top 5 questions to ask at a job interview

It’s nearing the end of the interview, you think it’s gone well and you know you’ll have a chance to ask one maybe two general questions that were not part of the low and low of the interview process.

But what types of questions should you ask that will provide you with real insight into the business and the people you will work with, and at the same time continue to show you your best.

Probably easier to start with what not to ask!

Routine questions around wages and allowances such as working hours, holiday entitlement and sick days policy. Why not ask these questions? Because they are usually non-negotiable and can be discovered in a different route and it saves you from wasting one of your general character wishes. There is also a perception – on the other side of the table your potential employer thinks “Is this the best you have” or worse, thinks you are more interested in not being there instead of being there.

You have enough time to prepare these questions, so use questions that need narrative as an answer and not as a factual sentence or just yes or no. Make the interviewer think of his answer but make it relevant to what you want to find out.

Here are some ideas that you may find useful that you can refine and adapt to your style and what you would like to discover …

5 interview questions to ask your employer:

1. “What is it like to work here?” – Okay maybe you get a disinfected version then with a positive twist “What is The best thing about working here? “ And continue with a little more nervous “… and the worst part? ” Or you can make it more personal. “What do you like most about working here? “

2. “If you could change one thing at work here, what would it be?” And continue with ““And why?” To what extent is this a serious problem? God“…… and why” Tracking Is it there to calibrate people’s perspective with yours ?. For example, company policy at social events may be the exclusion of partners you do not consider relevant. Alternatively, if it’s about how the organization treats small vendors, it may be a deal breaker for you.

3. “What does success in this role look like?” – Lets you get a good idea of ​​what the expectations are and the type of level of performance you will need to achieve.

4. “What can you tell me about the team I will work with / with / for?” – It should tell you a lot about your co-workers and give you more information to call if they sound like your type of people and the environment in which you will thrive.

5. “What are the next steps and when can I expect to hear from you?” – Some employers will include this as part of the interview and will tell you before you start asking the question. If not worth asking – it proves you are passionate and invested in the process, even if they sound vague what does this mean to you?

If it feels right to ask something then ask, you have been given the opportunity, so take it and make a lasting impression. Oh and do not forget to ask for the job – but it’s a topic for another time!

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