Top 6 Key Food Strategies When Interviewing For A Job

“Keeping the body healthy is a must, otherwise we will not be able to keep our brains strong and clear.” Buddha

Just this week I trained a client in getting his dream job. To get there he will have to complete a full day of virtual interviews, deliver a presentation and complete a writing assignment. Her day will start at 8:15 with a 30-minute lunch break and end at 16:00. We planned his interview approach including:

  • The success stories he will share
  • Key questions he will ask
  • What he will wear (suit and shoes – I always train my clients to wear shoes even if the interview was virtual), and
  • What’s in his zoom background (leveraging insights from Emmy-winning producer Calia Brencsons Van Dyk on how to be successful in a video interview.)

We also talked about food. It may sound strange to get a career coaching on what you eat on the day of the interview, but I find it essential.

as per Eva Selhub MD, contributing editor at Harvard Health Publishing, “Your brain requires a constant supply of fuel. This” fuel “comes from the foods you eat – and what that fuel does makes all the difference.” To help you be at your best in your next interview, consider preparing your approach to food as seriously as preparing your response to interview questions such as, “Tell me about yourself.”

Food Strategies for Your Next Interview:

  1. To drink water – While learning about your brain training, I discovered years ago that water is brain food. To think straight you need to get moisture properly. Before coffee or tea in the morning, consider starting with hot lemon water. And you will have a glass of water on hand to drink during the interview. Put some refillable water bottles handy but out of sight of the camera so you always have water available. I learned from Mimi on the radio at SIRIUSXM not to drink water that is too cold or too hot as it can affect the vocal cords and pitch. Warm water or even room temperature will help you sound your best.
  2. Get omega 3 – Food can also improve your mood. occording to this Article in New Hampshire magazine, “Heart-healthy fats – especially omega-3 fatty acids – can also provide a high level of attainment and maintenance. Buckwheat pancakesA bright look. “Salmon is a good source so consider eating a small piece of unknown salmon on a bed of rice or salad for lunch (if your interview is in the afternoon or spans an entire day like that of my client). Flax seeds are also an excellent source and can An egg substitute for those who prefer vegan.I love the flax and carbs that are complex in it A recipe for vegan buckwheat pancakes.
  3. Choose complex carbohydrates – To maintain your energy levels, consider choosing whole grains over refined white flour and sugar for your pre-interview meal. Whole grains like whole wheat, rye and pumpernickel will cause a feeling of satiety for a longer time so you will not hear your stomach growling during the interview. Whole grains will not cause a drop in blood sugar as white flour and sugar will cause so you will not feel tired or slow and risk yawning while talking to a potential employer.
  4. Avoid combining meat and grains – Another way to avoid food coma (especially for after-hours interviews), is not to eat meat and cereals together. Because the body digests protein and carbohydrates at different rates, meat and grains are a difficult combination that requires a lot of energy and can cause a feeling of fatigue. Instead, combine vegetables and grains and choose stir-fried vegetables over rice or combine meat and vegetables and put turkey in a lettuce wrapper. Avoid a roast beef sandwich or pasta with meatballs on the day of your interview.
  5. Avoid sugary and caffeinated beverages – When you are interviewed for a job that suits your genius and core talents, you are naturally energetic and excited. If you need Red Bull to pass the interview, you may want to “get your wings” and fly directly from that job or field. Consider doing a soul search, research and job search so you can find a job you love where you are naturallyEnthusiastic about the interview and the job. One note here, if you usually drink coffee every afternoon at 3pm, you may not want to skip it on the day of the interview. Caffeine deficiency can cause a headache or maybe your body will miss its normal energy boost. It is best not to change a routine and throw a crooked ball at your body on the day of your interview in this case.
  6. Do not eat too much or drink too much – Even if you have a long day of interviews, it is better not to eat too much before or during it. Instead, be a little hungry to get the job done. And consider avoiding alcoholic beverages the night before an interview so you can rest a good night and wake up fresh. You can celebrate your new job landing with your favorite adult drink glass after you get the offer.

Food affects how we think, how we feel and how much energy we have not only for the interview but for the job. If you want to get your dream job done, prepare yourself for an interview with brain food and eat healthy snacks (like nuts or Hummus With pita). Your body and mind will respond with vibrant health and energy that are attractive features to any employer.

“… you have to eat healthy and live healthy to be healthy and look healthy. The end of the story.”Morgan Sperlock


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