Top 6 Tips on Getting One of the Highest Paying Jobs in Oregon

Job searching is more than applying for vacancies and waiting for interviews. This is a demanding task that requires networking and skills development. The global epidemic has affected many industries, forcing many people to lose their jobs.

But with the economy stabilizing now, Oregon is among the states with rewarding career opportunities. It does not matter if you are fresh out of college, fired from a previous position or employed; You can get a decent job here with a high salary.

Most job seekers often give up after submitting a number of requests. However, the trick lies in knowing where to look for relevant job offers and preparing properly.

This article discusses insightful tips that will help job seekers find their dream jobs and increase the chances of getting a job with a better salary.

What to do before looking for a job

As mentioned above, looking for a job can be quite challenging for most people with no idea where to start. You need to be strategic when applying for a job.

Avoid using one resume without editing and incorporating the skills needed to fit the responsibilities of the job. Hence, it is essential to understand the role and skills required to add to resumes before submitting them.

Polishing your resume at a Custom resume writing service Is a strategic tip that puts you above other candidates.

After receiving an exceptional resume, follow the tips below to kick-start your job search process:

  • Check yours Continue for any improvements.
  • Comprehensive research for relevant job offers in Oregon.
  • Determine the potential employers and salary range of current jobs.
  • Identify jobs that can lead you to the job of your dreams.
  • Decide if you want a remote job or a 9-5 office job.

Equip yourself with the above information and design your resume to suit every job application. Once you have identified the vacancies, you can now send your resume to potential employers.

Oregon Employment Overview

Oregon is a thriving state commonly known for its natural resources. Its economy revolutionized an agricultural state into a productive state in the 1980s.

Although it still relies on natural resources like fishing and forestry, the state has been condemned to integrate other sectors.

Here are some sectors where graduates might get paid jobs:

  • technology
  • health
  • Mining and energy
  • Tourism
  • construction
  • Retail business
  • Production

Oregon is among the most economically powerful U.S. states, with working capital of over 2.1 million people. Many Oregon residents are employed in various sectors such as manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare and retail.

Besides, the state is still an agricultural-controlled area that employs many people on farms.

Moreover, the unemployment rate as of July 2021 is 5.2%, meaning more people are promising jobs in Oregon.

Top Oregon Employers

Since Oregon has a huge workforce, let’s take a closer look at some of the industry’s leading players.

Here are the largest employers in the state of Oregon with impressive compensation packages:


Nike is a multinational company that designs, develops, manufactures and sells sportswear and footwear. It is among the largest corporations in Oregon, with 73,100 employees.

So, whether you are in the creative or retail industry, you can apply to join the Nike team and receive an impressive reward package.

Daimler North American Trucks

Daimler Trucks is a large corporation in the automotive industry for the production of commercial vehicles. It has 34,015 employees who receive rewarding benefits.

Employees have access to on-site fitness classes, health meals and comprehensive health insurance.

If you find a job here, you will enjoy a paid vacation for a month and a satisfying retirement plan.

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is a private company with a chain of supermarket stores. Its headquarters are in Oregon, with branches in three other states. It has 30,000 employees working in professional management and proper benefits.

Other leading employers in Oregon include the KinderCare, Legacy Health, University of Oregon, American Steel and Lithia Motors learning centers.

Tips for getting a higher paid job

If you are an adult seeking to find your first job or already in employment looking for greener pastures, here are tips to simplify your job search process.

Share your skills

One effective way to get better paid jobs is to share your skills in relevant places. Aside from perfect resumes, employers may locate you in strange places.

Hence, it is essential to form solid relationships with professionals on different platforms.

Do not apply for a job and wait for a summons for interviews. Be aggressive in seeking rewarding opportunities to share your knowledge.

Attend conferences

If you already have a job, be sure to attend conferences and company events. You never know who you might meet out there who could be a leap forward for your dream job.

The web is of paramount importance when it comes to job searching. Furthermore, you may gain new skills that will help you in your new role.

Build your investment portfolio

If you are in the creative industry, it is imperative to build your portfolio. Take advantage of social media platforms to promote your online skills. You can get clients who request your services if you are not working full time.

This will build your resume as you prepare for your next employer. Plus, you will not have dubious gaps in your resume, making you a suitable candidate.

Be with an open mind

It is essential to have an open mind when looking for a job. Although you may be specific about the job you want, you need to set realistic goals.

Do not be adamant about office work; You can also apply Remote job opportunities And start from there on your way up.

In addition, you need to be aggressive in your current job and work to advance your career.

Provide consulting services

People with experience in a particular field can offer consulting services as a side job. As long as it does not affect their work performance, there is no harm Looking for additional revenue stream. Moreover, it is another advantage when applying for higher positions in the industry.

Take on leadership roles

Job seekers with leadership skills are often ranked high during interviews. Therefore, look for positions that may showcase your leadership skills. If you are new to the job market, you can volunteer at charities and become a team leader.


Getting a high-paying job in Oregon is not complicated. With the right strategy and a great resume, you will be ready for a new job in no time.


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