Trends in career development; looking back and forward

What changes have we seen?

  1. Innovation and human resource functioning

2021 has been defined by many talent commentators and career commentators as the year of the ‘Great Resignation’, the ‘Great Reset’ or the ‘Great Shuffle’. They addressed how the epidemic has led many workers to question the matching between their work, the opportunities they see and their future. In response, many employers have been reluctant to tailor their career offer so that it entices existing employees to stay and attracts new talent to join.

The danger here is that the redesigned career offer is little more than a tactical response to the urgency of a perceived threat. At our roundtable in October 2021, our provocateur from WL Gore clearly detailed how to ensure a conduit of critical talent for a future mission. Three things she said stuck with me:

  • Understand talented people as if they were customers; How to identify them, how to raise them and how to maintain them
  • Adjust the work environment so that the talents can flourish, and provide what the business needs from them
  • renew; In this case, provide, challenge and disrupt conventional approaches to recruiting, talent development and reward

The demand from HR to be more innovative, And for colleagues from different disciplines to work together on solutions to challenging problems was also a topic on our roundtable about career and reward. We have considered how flatter structures and a narrower salary scale make it difficult for professionals to see opportunities for career advancement. We have come to the conclusion that the way forward may involve broader pay ranges, hybrid expert roles / team leaders, and greater discretion for managers to make reward decisions; Everyone challenges the status quo.

  1. Career management partnership

Our work continued to focus on helping clients strengthen their support for individuals, managers and the organization; The main stakeholders in any effective career management strategy.

Individuals: Raise their awareness of the need to take responsibility for their careers, equip them with the skills they need to do so, and motivate them to believe it is possible in their workplace.

Managers: Preparing leaders to be more empathetic and better listeners while conducting career conversations, so that they customize the guidance and encouragement they offer to their people.

In addition to executive training, we also help more clients do so To equip Career counselors or supporters Provide in-depth career information in various parts of the business.

organization: Assisting clients to balance the medium-term goal of setting a career framework, with the need in the short term to create a sense of excitement among employees regarding the range of benefits included in the career offer.

We have seen a growing need for career development to be bold, innovative and ambitious, as exemplified by LinkedIn’s latest stimulating career month (introduced at our roundtable in December). We have seen the positive impact of inspiration Career stories, Especially those that reflect the cultural changes the organization needs to make.

What’s the next thing in 2022?

  1. Priorities converge

In anticipation of the continued tight labor market, I see a unification of three areas of need:

  • Greater transparency about career options, pathways and opportunities
  • More Internal Talent Mobility – To populate projects and realize career offerings
  • Increased investment in skills – as organizations leverage the potential of their existing workforce

Emphasis on skill requirements is the common currency that connects each of these trends, and an Market Opportunity Platform Can be an efficient and easy-to-use vehicle to deliver them. Although the technology-supporting solution is not new, I can only see its spread grow in the coming year.

  1. Challenge and opportunity

Two more topics are hot topics for talent and career people in 2022.

  • Career Talks: Because remote and hybrid work is becoming the norm for many, office time with colleagues is premium. We know leaders have always struggled to find time for career talks. But with calls to Leadership style is more focused on people, And personal development and career growth are increasingly important to people, how do we ensure that conversations are a priority? Are virtual discussions an accepted alternative to face-to-face interactions?
  • The career deal: Is an important component of the overall ’employee experience’ that employers employ to be seen as an excellent workplace. Surveys indicate the reliability of Sustainability policy, environmental protection, equality and inclusion Influenced more and more as employees decide whether to join or stay in the organization. What contribution can innovative career development methods make in exposing people to the green agenda of the business? How do they build a sense of trust and belong to groups that are traditionally unrepresentative?

Do things really change, or do they stay the same?

At the beginning of this article I asked if “the more things change, the more they stay the same” is appropriate for these periods. However, there are some ongoing truths in recent changes:

An effective career development approach is much more than a career proposal, and the statement of intent it represents. It requires Integrated strategy, preferred areas of focus and clear business rationale.

Organizations do not differentiate themselves according to what they say in their career offer, however How much they actually stand for it. It appeals to everyone in the business;

  • Understand why a career offer is important and what it requires of them
  • Be equipped with the skills they need to fulfill their role
  • There will be access to technology that will enable self-managed careers
  • Get support and encouragement from their manager
  • Be recognized and rewarded for doing the right thing

Back to the topic of innovation in people management; What else do you need to do to make a positive difference within your organization in 2022?


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