Trustees wanted – Adventures in Career Development

As readers of this blog may be aware, I have the right to be the Chairman of the Board of Directors Advice Which is one of the leading career organizations in England. Adviza is a charity and as such is supervised by the Board. The board is responsible for reviewing and supervising as well as bringing new ideas and opportunities to the attention of the organization.

This is a very rewarding role that offers a real way to make a difference in providing career guidance in England. current Loyal Includes people with practical knowledge at work or volunteering in sectors including careers, local authority, health services, education, charity, innovation and the armed forces.

We are now recruiting new trustees. The job includes at least six meetings a year (though it is likely that half of them will be online). We are looking for people who can help promote charity, contribute to management and provide a thorough review of Adviza’s activities, ensure that users’ voices are heard and can provide inspiration and new ideas.

Is that you?

If so, visit Advice website Find out more.


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