Turning a NO into something positive

* Updated 2022

Bouncing the door, smiling on the face, feeling like you caught it in your interview is a great feeling.

Waiting for feedback, suggestion, the words “you were amazing, when can you start” on the other end of the line, is not always so easy for the stomach. And if the phone call does not arrive, the offer is not what you hoped for or, worse, you do not hear anything, chances are you are going to ask where you went wrong.

However, here in the mothers career, we like to think of every situation as a positive potential. hearing No From an employer this is not necessarily a bad thing. If we treat NO as an opportunity to receive feedback, instead of perceiving it as a failure, we can process what we have learned, adapt to the next opportunity and grow from our mistakes. How did we really come across the interview? Are we honest with ourselves about our strengths? How confident are we that we can do the job? These are not easy questions to reflect on, but growth stems from acknowledging our vulnerability, from acknowledging that we do not always get along without letting this understanding knock our confidence too far. Listening to feedback from your interviewer gives invaluable insights into how you are perceived, and with it, an opportunity to do things differently next time.

See the world through your lens

Humans often assume that others perceive the world through a lens similar to their own. You told a joke, there was no malicious intent but the interviewer was offended and did not laugh. You do not understand – you did not mean to offend, why do not they understand that it’s supposed to be funny?

We see our actions through our understanding of intentions. Our lens. But our interviewer has their own unique lens and what we think is a witty comeback may be perceived as rude or dismissive. No matter if this was not our intention, the damage was done and any attempt to justify it could be construed as an admission of guilt.

So, with that in mind, it’s essential that we can see our actions from someone else’s point of view. Analyzing the interview, the good, the bad and the ugly parts, allows you to understand how your behavior came about. And career moms can help you through the process, teach you how to spot these mistakes and make positive changes in time for the next big interview.

The training solution

At Carrière Mums, we offer re-launch training for our clients. As business coaches, we use our knowledge to prepare you for interviews, help develop a back-to-work plan and work with you to evaluate areas for improvement.

Coaching is a very personal interaction. As learning and growth facilitators, we also guide and support. We examine gently, asking the challenging questions that allow growth to occur; Allowing you to develop a method of preparation for interviews and successful completion.

We work together to provide comprehensive methods for tackling challenges head-on so you can easily reach your employment goals.

Investigation and discovery

Post-interview research is an ideal way to get professional and supportive feedback from a business coach. Confidential and private discussion, we offer a place to feel comfortable, discuss any challenges and provide first-class guidance, support and encouragement.

What was difficult? What felt good? What would you like to do differently next time? These are all right questions – you need to know what works and what doesn’t! And once you know that, career moms will devise an interview strategy that will focus all your energy on the good parts and get rid of all the annoying negatives that are holding you back.

The training also provides practice questions and answers, shows you how to sell strengths and key skills, and gives tips for overcoming uncomfortable interview situations so you do not have to hope for a huge crack to appear in the ground and swallow you more whole.

See our article on how to discuss a Planned career break In an interview. This can be a huge source of concern, especially for parents, but career moms have some great tips for dealing with it effectively, including how exactly to emphasize everything you learned from your time outside of the workforce – starting a business, volunteering, further training or providing professional counseling services They are just some of the other activities that our job seekers need to make room for in their resumes.

Hearing no is not always easy but learning from it can be. The key is recognition, understanding and a willingness to implement change. We can always find hope, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Your ideal job may be just around the corner, so go ahead, do not lose confidence And remember We are here to support you! The Career-Mums team has been helping working parents in their careers for over 5 years. If you want more tailored support to help you get your next job, order Spotlight on your career training program.

For more help and support on the subject of juggling life as a busy parent, check out ours Working parent training program.

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