Two Hidden Gems of the Center for Career Development Website – UConn Center for Career Development

Before I worked at the Career Development Center, I had only a vague idea about the resources he offers on his website. I knew I could make an appointment to talk to a career coach, and there were a few resumes for example that I could look at online … but little did I know this was just the beginning. From a collection of more than 70 career development videos to mini-LinkedIn for UConn alumni, I believe many students do not take advantage of all the resources the Career Center offers. Although there are many more useful features, today I will check two.

1. Career on Demand

This library of 72 videos is really comprehensive. The basics, including resumes, cover letters, interviews and networking, are certainly covered in depth, however I am sure that even the most experienced professionals in their careers will be able to learn something new if they consult this archive. M One-way interviewsTo Social media brandingTo HandshakesTo Asks for recommendations, All audiences will be able to enjoy a career on demand. The best part? You should not limit yourself to learning at specific times. They are now on the site and they will come up next time you check, so feel free to listen and learn at your own pace.

2. Husky Mentor Network

This most valuable resource takes the “work” out of the network. really. I recently used this to connect with a UConn graduate working in the industry I wanted to pursue. All I had to do was take a 10-minute quiz on my career interests and aspirations, and I matched up with her because my career goals and her professional experience matched. It also suited me for some other graduates I plan to contact in the near future. Don’t know what to talk about or how to get there? Husky Mentor Network indicates which topics your mentor is open to discussing, such as industry insights, resumes, interviews, general career counseling and more. It also streamlines messaging with sample instructions that you can use to start the conversation. Remember, these are UConn graduates who wanted to serve as resources. So, definitely worth a try.

By Lauren Delon

Lauren Delon
Specializes in program development and marketing


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