What kind of leader do you want to be? — Rachel B. Garrett

At the heart of the “Great Resignation” are employees across the country realizing they have an agency in their careers.

they say…

I will not tolerate this toxic culture anymore.

I want to learn something new.

I want to be inspired by my leadership team.

One response to this agency, for some, was to go out and find the next job that is really on their terms.

And yet there is another possibility.

When I surveyed my LinkedIn audience about the type of professional development they are looking for from their companies, far and wide, the most popular response was 1: 1 coaching.

Coaching is not just a tool for understanding your next step. It is also incredibly powerful in helping you understand who you are now and who you want to be.

This is a way to help you get through the impostor syndrome before the big presentation.

Gain the courage to have the tough conversation with your team.

Take on the bigger role after being slapped on the shoulder.

If the leadership in your organization is working hard to keep you – especially if your colleagues are leaving the organization – take advantage of this moment to sue your agency and seek the support you want.

And if you’re a leader who wants to retain employees on your team, give them the support that will help them feel seen and valued – even if it means seeking support from outside your organization.

It can seem like group training, seminars, mentoring, team-focused professional development, a drop in coaching sessions with a qualified coach (like me!) Or one-on-one coaching.

Contact us if you would like a workshop on how to request or inspire this type of support for yourself or your team!


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