What To Do If You Hate Writing Resumes

So, you hate writing a resume. I understand. It’s so hard. You do not know what to put on it. It feels weird to write about yourself. You do not know if you are doing it right. You change it all the time. And when you finally send it to employers, you get no response.

I understand the struggle. We have never been taught how to write an effective resume. We were never taught how to optimize a resume so it will go through the ATS and the hands of the recruiting manager.

All the stress, frustration and confusion that comes with writing a resume can make you think you should invest in a resume writer. Here is my expert opinion …

Avoid writing resumes

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Let me be very clear about this: Resume writers do not write resumes for the right people. They are supposed to write them for the recruiters. Recruiters want simple, clean, easy to understand, easy to read in 6-13 seconds. Resume writers write for you. They want to give you a boost to your ego. So, you spend $ 300, which is the average cost of hiring a resume writer, and they write that glorious resume with fancy fonts and charts and make you look so important and so unbelievable – and still not get calls.

you know why?

Because a lot of these templates they use are fake. They do not work. The tables alone are discarded from Candidate Tracking (ATS) systems. They shape your resume to make you feel good, not get the attention you want and need from employers.

Check out my resume and LinkedIn Bootcamp instead!

More importantly, everyone needs to know how to design their resume. It’s not that hard. This is not rocket science. This is not brain surgery. And if you are taught correctly, it takes about 45 minutes. that’s it. Then you have an optimal and effective resume.

How do I know that? Well, because I teach it for free.

I do not want you to spend money on a resume writer. I have a free 45 minute workout where I give you the template for writing an effective resume. I have worked with recruiters for 20 years. Seventy-three percent of them told me they prefer this pattern. You follow my tutorial, you fill out the template, you optimize your resume. Then, as a bonus, we teach you how to take what you have learned and apply it to your LinkedIn profile.

So, if you’re frustrated with your job search, if you need help writing your resume or LinkedIn profile, Sign up for my free resume and LinkedIn Bootcamp.

Why spend $ 300 on a resume writer when you can do it for free? Know how to do it and have a resume that really works? I have helped thousands of people with this free tool, saved them hundreds of dollars in the process and achieved results for them.

Stop outsourcing your resume. Learn how to write one that is simple and effective. You’ll be so glad you did. You’ll feel so empowered – and that’s the point. That’s why I’m trying to help you. That’s why I’m here.

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