Where do I start?

In the panel I posted last week, there were many job seekers who asked …What do I do first?

Am I just starting to research and apply for positions?
Am I working on my resume?
Am I referring to people I do not know on LinkedIn?

As part of my career command, I like to start with one question that my clients often cannot answer at the beginning of our work – What you want?

Let’s forget about all the recruiters who call you, from all the rabbit holes you went down in researching a thousand roles. The boring you know you can do and all the good work on paper that our culture holds as the brass ring.

Instead, we always start with you. Respect who you are without apologizing.

As part of my trilogy, we start with …

Internal brightness: Finding inner clarity to understand your terms and what you want next.

Then move on to…

Authentic words: Creating the authentic words to describe you, your experience and why you are suitable for this stimulating role.

And complete our work with …

Intentional action: Take deliberate action to strategically take advantage of the time you have, launch your network and move on to the next role with a focused roadmap.

I only have 3 places left Training 1: 1 This summer – so if it resonates, take one of them now!

You are welcome to establish a Clarity call So we can discuss what you want next and in my framework to help you get there.


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