Where we go from here… — Rachel B. Garrett

If you’ve been angry since Friday, I see you and I’m there with you. It should not be underestimated how serious this situation really is. Our constitutional rights, our bodily autonomy, our complete personality have been erased under the law of this country.

In recent days, I could barely look my daughters in the eye without crying, knowing that together we would fight for safe treatment for abortion for many years to come.

And yet to quote our inspiring Rabbi Rachel Timoner in the House of God in Brooklyn … “Here’s the thing I know. * I’m going to say something surprising. * We win. It does not feel that way today. Of course not. But girls and women and men identified with women Today we are more confident in our equality than we have ever been in history. We know that gender has nothing to do with ability or promise. We know – girls today know – without a doubt we are capable of anything we mean. No one – no court, no law – “Can’t make us go back. I know that. We’re strong, we’re determined, and we’re strong. There’s no stopping girls and women and feminist identities of these generations and those who will follow us. We will be completely and completely equal. The next wave of movement begins now.”

It rings true in my bones and in every cell in my being. I had to hear it last Saturday and I know I will read it often. I have gathered some resources for the following steps for all of us. I’m here to listen. Hear your stories. To be a community in mourning and deed.

Listen (Podcasts)

Daily: Inside four abortion clinics today is over

Without distraction With Britney Pekent Cunningham: The Roe v. Wade News — and Finding Hope

Ezra Klein show: Dobs decision is not just about abortion. It’s about power.

Strict inspection: Ro is dead. Now what? (For those who want to go into the details of the decision and the opposition. PSA – the more you know, the worse it gets so proceed with caution).

to read

How to appear for abortion access: A guide to actions, messages and a long list of ways to engage with them Alison Turquoise

Do not ban equality: See where your potential or current employer stands for promoting equality and women’s health.

Citizens no more: What is the meaning of reversing the spirit of women’s work?

Your country will not save you: Anne Helen Peterson, Suback Writer, Culture Study, shares the most effective way forward, which will not be easy and will be a stable long-term approach to restoring our rights to own our health decisions.


Local abortion funds in each country

Reproductive justice organizations: National Agenda for the Reproduction of Black Women and National Institute for Reproductive JusticeSo that the funds will go directly to the most affected communities.


Book for Joe Biden: Open Abortion Clinics on Federal Grounds

The women’s march Offers a number of ways to engage, including marching in one of the SUMMER OF RAGE demonstrations (in the appropriate name!) Across the country, joining a local community circle or working to attack misinformation and trolls on social media.

ACLU: Sign up to be defending abortion rights. You will receive alerts about volunteering opportunities to support the cause.

I will update you on my actions and I will be happy for you to continue to send me yours that needs to be amplified or shared.


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