Which Are the Best-Paying MBA Jobs in India?

Top MBA colleges in India offering the highest ranking

The MBA is the most popular PG course. There are almost 5000+ public and private colleges offering annual MBA courses. Besides, various open schools also offer MBA in varying situations such as MBA principals, MBA online or remote. According to the MHRD-NIRF rating, IIMs are considered to be the top MBA institutes in India. IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Bangalore, IIM Kozhikode and IIM Indore are among the top 10 institutes. They also offer the best placements for MBA graduates.

Some other business schools in India offering MBA jobs with the highest ranking:

  • XLRI Jamshedpur- INR 20.01 LPA
  • MDI Gurgaon- INR 19.17 LPA
  • SPJIMR- INR 22.1 LPA
  • IIFT- INR 18.27 LPA
  • JBIMS Mumbai – INR 18.91 LPA
  • IIM Ahmedabad- INR 26.13 LPA
  • Department of Management Studies of IITs
  • FMS Delhi- INR 21.1 LPA
  • IIT Mattress- INR 16.66 LPA

The average pay structure of MBA colleges and best MBA schools ranges from INR 8 LPA to INR 23 LPA. Moreover, IIM charges a high fee but it is worth it because it has the best infrastructure and highly experienced teachers. In addition, it also offers the best locations with the highest CTC. Finally, admission to top MBA colleges is made solely on the basis of national-level entry scores followed by GD and PI. Thus, all aspirants should get a good rating on the entrance test.

MBA jobs in India

A master’s degree in business administration is the most sought after master’s degree course in India. Before applying for an MBA program, the candidate must make sure that he / she meets the basic eligibility criteria of the college. This course usually teaches about various aspects of management as well as business. Besides, it also teaches about problem solving, decision making and reaching the end result. Today, most job vacancies indicate a preferred MBA. Thus, the requirements of MBA graduates are increasing day by day.

There can be endless reasons to choose an MBA and build a career in marketing and management. MBA jobs in India offer various benefits such as salary increase, promotion; Improving knowledge, better networking, good job profile, etc. You can also become an entrepreneur to start your own business. Thus, this course paves the way for different opportunities.

Here are some job profiles after MBA in India:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Investment banker
  • Business Marketing
  • human resource manager
  • Director of Operations
  • counselor
  • Information Analyst
  • Finally, a sales manager and many more.

Career and job opportunities after MBA

There are tremendous job opportunities after MBA in India. As you already know, MBA is offered in various specializations whether it is health, IT or market and finance. Thus, the scope of a master’s degree in business administration is huge. Applicants with an MBA degree can work in different sectors. Besides, due to the growing growth of MNC companies in India, the demand for MBA graduates is also increasing. It is important to possess all the skills for managing an organization.

Various factors determine the salary scale of MBA graduates. In addition, the salary depends on previous work experience, geographical location, type of internship and B-School. Besides, leading business schools in India provide the best placement assistance to the candidates. In addition, top recruiters visit the best schools to offer MBA jobs. It is estimated that IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Kolkata offered the highest package to MBA students, i.e. around INR 72 LPA to INR 75 LPA.

Postgraduate job profiles along with salary are:

  • Financial Analyst – INR 3.63 LPA
  • Marketing Analyst – INR 4.87 LPA
  • Sales Manager – INR 6.09 LPA
  • Data Analyzer – INR 4.38 LPA
  • Human Resources Manager – Acquisition of Talents – INR 3.5 LPA
  • Supply Chain Program Manager – INR 8.76 LPA
  • IT Consulting – INR 9.79 LPA

Job positions in various MBA specializations

MBA in Sales and Marketing

This is the oldest management industry. The sales and marketing sector usually deals with product availability. In addition, candidates studying sales and marketing must have excellent communication skills.

Here are some MBA jobs after completing an MBA in sales and marketing:

  • Regional sales managers
  • Brand managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Logistics branding, etc.

MBA funded

It is considered the most lucrative MBA stream. Applicants for MBA in finance can work in various sectors like taxation, investment management, international finance, insurance management as well as banks.

Here are some job positions after completing an MBA in finance:

  • Accounting Manager
  • Credit Analyzer
  • Financial Analyst
  • treasurer
  • Risk and Insurance Manager
  • Director of Finance

MBA in Human Resources

Applicants with an MBA in HR can work as HR managers in the business sector, Services sector, BPO / IT, the banking sector, etc. Moreover, the main job of a human resources manager is to recruit suitable candidates for a firm or company. In addition, he / she also deals with guidance, instruction and the evaluation of employees.

Here are some MBA jobs in the human resources stream:

  • Human Resources Analyst
  • Employee relations officers
  • Human Resources Manager and more.


Applicants pursuing a master’s degree in business administration in IT and systems can get good jobs with handsome salaries. Furthermore, IT students must have office skills and must have a good knowledge of e-commerce and security.

Here are some MBA jobs in the human resources stream:

  • project manager
  • Systems Analyst
  • Product manager
  • Data Processing Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • marketing manager
  • Information Systems Consultant
  • Director of Analytics
  • Business Analyst
  • system administrator
  • Finally, information system administrators, etc.

Top MBA recruiters

The top recruiters for MBA graduates are Amazon, Apple, BCG, JP Morgan, Deloitte, Microsoft, Google, Accenture and many more. These leading recruiters make campus visits to the best MBA colleges in India to recruit worthy candidates. Furthermore, they conduct several rounds for the selection of the candidate. In addition, MBA positions are offered based on the candidate’s performance in the interview round.

Some other companies that recruit MBA graduates in India are:

  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • Vipro
  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • aware
  • Reliance Industries Limited
  • ITC Limited
  • Tata Motors
  • HCL Technologies
  • Barclays
  • Finally, Genpact India and many more.

MBA jobs with the best salaries and salary trends

Here are the most lucrative MBA positions and their salaries at different levels:

job description Minimum wage (per year) Maximum salary (per year)
Director of Operations INR 3.89 LPA INR 10.60 LPA
marketing manager INR 2.98 LPA INR 11.90 LPA
Senior Business Analyst INR 4.76 LPA INR 11.70 LPA
IT Project Manager INR 5.01 LPA INR 20 LPA
human resource manager INR 3.19 LPA INR 11.70 LPA
Business Analyst INR 3.02 LPA INR 11 LPA
Relationship Manager INR 2.03 LPA INR 9.59 LPA
Financial Analyst INR 2.23 LPA INR 8.47 LPA
Senior Sales Manager INR 2.20 LPA INR 7.22 LPA
Director of Finance INR 5.22 LPA INR 23 LPA
Regional Sales Manager INR 5.57 LPA INR 20 LPA
Management Consultant INR 5.62 LPA INR 20 LPA
account manager INR 3.39 LPA INR 15 LPA
Assistant Human Resources Manager INR 2.92 LPA INR 9.42 LPA

MBA Jobs: Quick Facts

  • Public and private colleges in India offer great placement opportunities in the final year of the MBA program.
  • Typically, an MBA holder gets managerial positions in India. Besides, the MBA salary depends on the type of specialization and experience.
  • A funded MBA is considered to be the most lucrative MBA stream in India.
  • The average salary of an MBA graduate in India usually ranges from INR 2 LPA to INR 20 LPA.
  • It is essential to have a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for an MBA course. Applicants with any UG degree such as BCom, BBA, BSc, BCA etc. can apply for MBA.
    • If you want to get admission to the best MBA colleges in India, it is essential that you have a valid pass card for entry at the national level. CAT is one of the entrance exams for admission to the MBA course.
  • Some other entrance exams for MBA in India are GMAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, ATMA etc.

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  • The MBA is a two-year master’s degree course that opens the door to various jobs in India.
  • Applicants can get jobs in IT, healthcare, marketing, retail marketing, operations, banking as well as in education and various other sectors.
  • The basic eligibility for admission to various MBA specializations is to hold a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% grades. It is also important to appear at any national or state entrance examination for an MBA.
  • The average MBA fee in India is around INR 8 LPA to INR 23 LPA. In addition, the average salary for MBA jobs is around INR 4 LPA.
  • The Indian Management Institute is the best management institute in India. Besides, other B schools like XLRI, SPJIMS, NMIMS, IIFT etc. also offer the best education.
  • Applicants with a funded MBA can get the best MBA jobs with the highest salary in India, i.e. around INR 23 LPA.
  • Finally, some of the highest paid MBA jobs in India are investor banking, project manager, consulting, business development manager as well as marketing manager.

Frequently Asked Questions about MBA jobs

Q.1 What are the postgraduate MBA jobs in India?

MBA Answers is a two-year course, but is offered in various modes such as Executive MBA, Part-time, Full-time, PGDM, Distance Mode, Online Mode and Offline Mode. Plus, getting a decent job after an MBA is not very difficult. Moreover, there are many job opportunities after MBA in India. Applicants can get jobs in areas such as banking and finance, management consulting, investment banking, data analysis, etc.

Some job positions are listed below:

  1. Director of Finance
  2. human resource manager
  3. Director of Operations
  4. Administrative Assistant
  5. Regional Sales Manager

Q.2 What is an MBA fee?

Answers The average annual salary of an MBA graduate is around INR 5 LPA. But salaries may vary depending on the type of business school, experience, location, job position, etc. Senior management colleges such as IIM, IIT, XLRI, NMIMS etc. offer excellent post-MBA placements. Finally, IIM Ahmedabad provides the best placements with the highest CTC graduates for MBA.

Q.3 What is the best MBA job?

Answers The five highest paid postgraduate jobs in India are Investment Banking, Consulting, Market Manager, Project Manager and Business Development Manager. Besides, you can also initiate a start-up and be your boss. In addition, an IT manager is also one of the well-paying job positions after a master’s degree in business administration. Moreover, most candidates opt for a general MBA, so it can provide a decent job profile with an annual CTC of INR 3 LPA to INR 4 LPA.

Q.4 Which MBA has the highest salary?

Funded MBA answers are considered to be the most lucrative socialization in India. In addition, there is an MBA in marketing, IT and information security followed by human resource management and health management. The average salary for an MBA in finance is INR 2.9 LPA but the highest salary can reach up to INR 59 LPA.

Here are some MBA jobs in finance specialization:

  • Credit Analyzer
  • treasurer
  • Accounting Manager
  • Cash manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Company financing
  • Finally, a senior business analyst, etc.

Q.5 What is the scope of a Master of Business Administration degree in India?

Answers with an MBA degree can be published in different sectors because it has a large scope. Candidates can work in the healthcare sector, IT, insurance companies, hotels, public relations, financial organizations, as well as colleges, etc. In addition, candidates wishing to pursue a post-MBA degree may be professors of management at universities and colleges.

Here are some top recruiters offering MBA jobs:

  • Dloit
  • McKinsey & Company
  • EXL
  • Vipro
  • Flipchart
  • Infosys
  • Accenture
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Finally, Barclays and many more.


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