Why Are You Looking for a New Job? How to Answer This Question

While this can be a nerve-wracking question, employers ask it for a few good reasons. They want to understand your career goals and objectives. Your answer will also reveal how much thought you have really invested in your job search. Finally, they want to see how you deal with leaving a position where there may be conflict or negativity. So there’s a lot to pack in a short answer, eh?

The following four tips will help you answer the question “Why are you looking for a new job?” Without hesitation or making a false impression.

How to answer “Why are you looking for a new job?” Interview questions

In your answer, you need to do a number of things. First, provide an appropriate and honest reason for changing jobs. Then highlight what attracted you to the offered roles and why you believe it is appropriate.

Here are four more tips to help you formulate your answer.

Use the answer to showcase your skills

Your best answer to this question will focus on the skills you have developed and want to put them into a new role. Think about any recent credentials or licenses, courses you have completed, or required skills you have developed in your current position. Then, we will close your answer in a way that will highlight these.

Here is a brief example.

“I recently earned my degree in graphic design. Although I love marketing as a whole, I really want to focus on the visual side of marketing where I can use my design skills.”

2. Make it relevant to the job you want

Remember that while your personal goals and desires are important, the interviewer ultimately wants to see that your career goals fit his or her needs. When you give your reason for looking for a job, make your answer connect to the new job.

For example, if the new job involves overseeing other employees, you could say:

“I learned that I have a real talent for mentoring new employees. I enjoy helping people set career goals, then work to achieve them. When I learned that supervisors at your company are allowed to participate in a mentoring program, I was genuinely motivated to apply.”

3. Make the negatives positive

Sometimes, your reason for leaving a job is not entirely positive. You can still provide an honest answer with a positive spin. Think in terms of taking responsibility for your career goals and desires, while avoiding blaming or speaking negatively about your previous employer.

Imagine that you worked in a job that gave you a little freedom, and you expected the job to be the center of every employee’s life. You may have retired because wages did not justify the toxic competitiveness of the environment. However, you do not have to say it. Instead, you can focus on how you have learned that you thrive where collaboration is the focus, even though you appreciate the fact that your current work environment always challenges you to work at your best.

4. If you are unemployed pay attention to matters

This question can be especially embarrassing if you are currently unemployed. This is especially true if you have been fired or fired. If this is the position you are in, focus on the skills you have been working on in between, and show how you are focused on finding a role that matches your work style and abilities.

For example, if you are unemployed because your job has been canceled, you can acknowledge this briefly. Next, focus on how you worked to achieve your project management certification, and look for opportunities to use this new skill set.

Why are you looking for a new job? Best answer examples

Here are two examples of excellent answers to these common interview questions. Both highlight different reasons for looking for new employment and at the same time also keep things in a positive direction.

Why are you looking for a new job? The best answer when leaving in positive conditions

“I’ve spent the last three years working with an amazing team at Delta Software. The company really hires some of the best and most brilliant. I really feel like I’ve developed my skills in ways I did not have in any other organization. I would definitely not have the customer experience expertise I have without this experience. “

Why are you looking for a new job? The best answer when going out in adverse conditions

“Unfortunately, when Delta Software was recently acquired by Mega-Soft, my position became redundant. I was disappointed with the result but also grateful for the experience I gained over five years. My co-workers were amazing, and the management team really helped me focus on developing my product management skills. .


Remember to focus primarily on your abilities, and what your potential employer needs from you. Avoid negativity and guilt, instead, emphasize your core abilities and cumulative experiences!

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