Why I’m Proud of Myself: 2021 Edition — Rachel B. Garrett

One long year has passed. I know I said it (and we all said it) about 2020. And yet, the end of the second year of this plague was overwhelming, disappointing, confusing, exhausting and all 83 other emotions and experiences about which Berna Brown recently wrote. Book, Atlas of the Heart. Straight to hell, I’m reading this now – and I highly recommend you do too to make the meaning of this year’s cluster.

Still, I feel hopeful. optimistic. Grateful for so many things in my life and work.

One of the ways I find my way back to hope is to review my year and make an inventory of my moments of pride. Moments I demonstrated for my people and my work, despite all the obstacles.

Of course, there are moments I could have done better. There always will be. I am a human being after all. But focusing on those moments makes me turn around, instead of building momentum along my path.

So here I am. Documenting my top five list of what I did well. And you can do the same as a reminder of all that you are capable of achieving … and being.

After four years of coordinating care for Uncle Ray who has struggled with Parkinson’s for over 25 years, I helped guide him through his last days listening to his favorite jazz tunes, hearing the words from people who loved him and receiving the best care possible. To facilitate the transition.

2. Even with the experience and memories of my bat mitzvah that was only one year after I lost both my parents in a car accident, I supported, loved and cared for my daughter through her bat mitzvah milestone. It was also complex with cobid restrictions – and yet in some ways the intimacy and exclusive focus on the ceremony made it even more meaningful.

3. I experimented and launched new and lower cost ways to work with women to expand my influence and serve more women whose careers suffered the most during the plague. It was out of my comfort zone to talk about what I was doing and sell my plans on such a scale – and yet women eventually got new opportunities, demanded their worth, made more money and believed in the options that were out there. There for them.

4. I created a Podcast! My dream for the last seven years. there is!

5. I lived and taught for another year in the plague, I did hundreds of risk assessments every day, setting boundaries and sticking to them even when others did not like my lines. I championed my ranks, worked hard to maintain family security and jumped in to vaccinate them as early as possible.

I encourage you to take the time to reflect on this end of the year and I would love to hear more about your top moments of pride from 2021. Feel free to send me a note on what is sweeping you through the infinity of this plague. .


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